Dealing with Pop-Ups

Make sure you have the latest spyware and virus definitions and scan you computer in Safe Mode. If you do not have Microsoft Antispyware, Adware, and Spybot, install all of them to make sure your system is clean of spyware. If it is clean you may continue.

If you are running Windows 98, Me, or 2000 you need to download the google toolbar, and for 2000 only you need to disable the messenger service which we will explain later. If you are running Windows XP you need to install service pack 2 which will install a popup blocker and disable the messenger service. You can see what service pack level you are by right-clicking on the My Computer icon and choosing properties. Under the Windows verion it will say "Service Pack 2". If you are already running service pack 2 and are still getting popups make sure the messenger service is disable by double-clicking on My Computer open the Control Panel and locate the Administrative tools icon. Open Administrative Tools and locate Services. Open Services and locate "Messenger", double-click on the word messenger and you will see a drop-down box. Click the drop down box and choose disable.

You should NOT click on popups while surfing the web for ads but especially don't click on what appears as speed enhancers, spyware removers, security ads...these are just spyware/malware or viruses.