My PDA won't sync with Outlook, what can I do?

If your phone is configured for the new employee email system click here.

If you are using a PocketPC

  • Remove your PDA from the sync cable
  • Find the reset button, usually located on the back, if you can't locate it check your manual for "How to reset.."
  • Reconnect your PDA and try to sync.


If you are using a PalmOS device

If your device is not sycning with Outlook,
*backup your data and uninstall all Palm software, conduits, hotsync, etc.

  • Reinstall the Palm software and be sure to select that you will be syncing with Outlook instead of Palm Desktop.
  • Once the installation is complete open Outlook and sync.


If you are using a Blackberry device

Configuring Desktop Manager

To configure BlackBerry Desktop Manager to use the new MAPI profile, configure the Personal Information Management (PIM) applications and assign the new MAPI profile as the default profile.

Configure the PIM Applications

  • In BlackBerry Desktop Manager, double-clickIntellisync.
  • Click Configure PIM or Configuration>Configure synch. (If you are unable to click the Configure PIM button, see the Additional Information section below.)
  • In the Handheld Applications section, click Address Book.
  • Click Choose.
  • In the Available Translators section, click MS Outlook.
  • Click Options.
  • From the User Profile drop-down list, click the new user profile (MAPI profile).
  • Click OK to close the open windows.
  • Repeat steps 3 through 8 for the remaining PIM applications (Calendar, MemoPad, and Tasks).


My PDA still won't sync

Uninstall your PDA sync'ing software and reinstall it.

On a Windows Mobile device if you are asked to create a partnership, do so, make sure the name you give for the new partnership is not the same as the name of the old partnership (this will make more sense when you are setting it up)

Follow the steps to complete the partnership and try to sync