Registering for Resnet

  1. Call Apogee at 877-478-8868 to get a user name and password. This user name will be used each time you access the internet from any public or private computer in the residents halls.

  2. After setting up your computer, make sure all cables are connected properly and make sure you are using a network cable that you know works elsewhere or is new. Make sure your network cable is plugged into the correct jack. The jack will be labeled and will be positioned with the phone jack on top and network on the bottom. Once you are in Windows, make sure all of the Windows network and Internet Explorer settings are set to factory default. Click here to find out how to make sure your Network and Interet Explorer settings are correct.

  3. Clear your internet cache and cookies. Click here to see how to complete those tasks.

  4. If your are unable to register or access the registration page after completing the steps above, try using another network jack in the room.

    If your computer is able to register but is slower than your are accustomed to, please ask call 877-478-8868 or visit the Centenary IT FAQ in the "Resnet" area for possible solutions to the problem.

    The Centenary Standard for Antivirus is McAfee Enterprise 8.0i, but if you already have current antivirus software please feel free to continue using it. If you do not wish to use McAfee there are a few free antivirus applications out there, ClamWin and AntiVir are a couple.