Setting Up Automated Backup on Windows 2000/XP

Click here for Windows 7 Backup

  • Click on Start go to Programs/Accessories/System Tools and click on "Backup"
  • Click Next
  • Make sure "Back up files and settings" is selected and click Next
  • Choose "Let me choose what to backup" and click Next
  • Click the checkbox beside "My Documents"
  • Click the + beside My Documents and uncheck "My Pictures" and "My Music"
  • Click Next and Browse, this may give your message about your 3 1/2 floppy disk, click cancel
  • Click the Drop Down menu beside "Save in:" and choose your U: drive and click Save
  • Click Next
  • Click Advanced
  • Choose "Incremental" from the drop down menu and click Next
  • Click "Verify data..." and click Next
  • Choose "Append this..." and click Next
  • Choose Later and enter a name is the "Job name" area, this can be anything such as "Daily Backup"
  • Click Set Schedule
  • Drop Down the menu and choose Weekly and the days will appear on the bottom right
  • Choose the days you wish to backup, you may choose Monday thru Friday
  • Choose the time of day you wish to backup and click OK
  • If you get a window that asks for your user name and password use your standard Windows login information and click OK
  • Click Next then Finish

Your backup will now occur on the days and time that you selected. Check the FAQ for how to check the backup log to make sure your system is backing up. Also make sure that you DO NOT include your pictures and music is this backup. There is NOT enough space to hold everyones personal music and pictures.