How do I make appointments private?

1. Create or open the appointment or meeting that you want to make private.

2. Select the Private check box in the lower right corner.

How do I make all future appointments private?

1. On the Tools menu, point to Form, and then click Design a Form.

alt text

2. Select Appointment, and then click Open.

3. At the bottom of the window, select the Private check box.

4. On the Standard toolbar, click Publish Form alt text

5. In the Display name text box, type a name that you can easily recognize as your new appointment form, and then click Publish.

6. Close the appointment design form, but do not save changes to the form.

7. On the Go menu, click Folder List.

8. In the Navigation Pane (Navigation Pane: The column on the left side of the Outlook window that includes panes such as Shortcuts or Mail and the shortcuts or folders within each pane. Click a folder to show the items in the folder.), right-click the Calendar folder, and then click Properties.

9. In the When posting to this folder, use list, select the name of the form that you designed in step 5, and then click OK.