Which of my passwords are the same?

Your network login, Email, Wireless login, Canvas, Engage and Banner Forms (Staff only)

This means if your network login gets locked out you will not be able to check your email on your computer, webmail on your phone or use wireless.

If you are forced to change your password (there is a 90 day password change cycle) make sure you immediately change your password on your phone if you check email on your phone. If don't the phone will lock your account out and you will not be able to log in. If you are already logged in you will loose rights to network resources such as network drives and printing. You will need to log off and make sure that the correct password is entered on your phone. After 30 minutes your account will be unlocked, dismiss all prompts on your phone until the account is unlocked. Then log back into your computer. Blackboard passwords are not tied into any other system.

For students there are currently no accounts that pull from one location. No passwords are synced. If you change your email password, no other passwords will change.