Accessing eResources Remotely

Access to licensed library research materials (eResources) requires a special usernname/password combination.

To learn that username/password combination, login here, or call 318-869-5047.

Information Literacy Classes

Information Literacy and Bibliographic Instruction by the Reference Department of Magale Library is offered to faculty during the entire academic year. It's purpose is to help students understand and use all the facilities available to them at the library, particularly the online research.

Information Literacy and Bibliographic Instruction works best when it is given at the beginning of a research assignment. The Library Instructor can tailor the classes to focus on those resources that will best serve a particular research need. In addition, literacy class booklets are provided to the students with the anticipated subject resources. These booklets will also focus on the particular research assignment.

Request Information Literacy Instruction

To be sure that you get the time schedule for your class instruction, please schedule a class as soon as you know the spot in your syllabus that would be best served. Online research instruction requires at least a full class period. Any additional instruction or advanced research instruction requires several sessions. The initial class can be scheduled during the normal class time or it can be scheduled outside that time period if you are willing to have the class meet in late afternoons or early evenings.

To schedule a class, email email, or leave a voice message at ext. 5058. Information needed: Class title & number, number of students, subject of assignment, and date or dates of instruction, and times that would be preferred. Class attendance will be taken by the librarian in the absence of the professor attending.