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Ready Reference

Acronyms & Abbreviations

Acronym Finder Focuses on computers & technology with over 295,000 definitions.

Abbreviations And Acronyms of the U.S. Government is an index to government agencies and their abbreviations. Commonly Used Government Agency Acronyms

Addresses & Zip Codes

U.S. Postal Zip Code Service. Enter a name and address and it will do a search and provide you with the zip code + four digit number following standard zip code.

Zip Codes By Language has everything you may have wanted to know about zip codes — your zip code, the surrounding zip codes, the distances between zip codes, etc.


Information Please Almanac

World Almanac on Centenary FirstSearch Database 1998 to present; available for Centenary patrons only.;

50 States.Com has almanac-type information on all 50 states.


Legal Information Institute of Cornell provides all legal documents as they pertain to issues of copyright.

U.S. Copyright Office gives you copyright information straight from the horse's mouth.

Copyright & Fair Use provided by Stanford University Libraries; gives an overview of copyright and fair use of primary materials, resources on the internet, and legal issues.