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Ready Reference


John Bartlett's Familiar Quotations - the 1919 edition with an index to authors of the quotes and a concordance to maneuver the quotes.

Quotations Home Page allows specific source or advanced searching. Also site is broken down to proverbs, women, sarcasm, poetry ("claiming to be the largest archive site for poetry"), etc.

Quoteland allows you to search quotes by topic, resources, user groups, or simply put in a subject area search.


Indiana University Speech Sites offers links to web sites on every aspect of speech giving, from the physical, to the mathematical, to the synthesis of speech and speech training.

Presidential Speeches from Washington to current. Contains information and documents of their speeches, writings, biographies and anything else related to their person or the office they are holding.

Gift Of Speech Sweet Briar College sponsors this site of women's speeches from the past and present, arranged alphabetically by speaker with additional links.


Terrorism Research Center Operating since 1996, this site gives sketches of terrorists groups past and current.

University Of Michigan's Document Center documents and links to activities before and after September 11th, including reports, international perspectives, teaching materials, etc.

Web Library Of September 11th pulls together resources, governmental and non-governmental, and international and collects the archive documents of these sources for future researchers.

International Relations And Security Network offers papers, articles, activities, and resources for world peace efforts.

Center For Defense And International Securities Studies is a database list of international incidents from 1945 — 1998 with a historical perspective on security concerns.

Jurist: Terrorism Law & Policy University of Pittsburgh School Of Law. Terrorism policies, anti-terrorism laws of the U.S. & other countries, legal ramifications of law on civil liberties and civil rights.

Terrorism: Questions & Answers Council on Foreign Relations. Subject related site, news stories, archives and a search box for specific information on everything from Hezbollah to the Irish Republican Army.

International Responsibilities Task Force of the ALA (American Library Association) Alternative news, analysis and commentary on terrorism and governmental response to terrorism with many links.

National Security Archive via George Washington University Government documents in response to terrorism from the CIA,FBI, Dept. of Defense, Dept. of State, etc. Full texts.

Avalon Project: Yale School Of Law - Terrorism Documents assembled from pre-18th century to the present. Non-partisan selection of viable resources in this area.

Complaining To The FCC If you've noticed some strange and suspicious new charges showing up on your phone bill (cramming), or you've suddenly been switched to a new phone company without your permission (slamming), or you just tuned in to watch Kent Brockman on the news and heard him swearing like a sailor, you may have cause to file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission.


Meriam-Webster: Language Center A thesaurus as well as a dictionary from the collegiate edition of Merriam-Webster.

Visual Thesaurus Plumb Visual Thesaurus is a unique thesaurus which has visual lines of connectivity between words and concepts.

E.R.I.C. Thesaurus for educational word searches. Educational Resource Information Center is a database available to Centenary Patrons.

Roget who began it all....several online editions of his thesaurus.

Time & Calendar

World Clock allows you to fix time in cities and countries around the world. In addition, it will calculate the time in two different places for the researcher.

Greenwich Mean Time does world time according to GMT and Standard Time Zones When requesting a specific place, it will present a running clock in the two times and supply information about daylight savings time, etc. When you click on a city, it will also link to the official site of the city for more information.

Calendar Home.Com provides not only current date in the standard calendar, but also has a conversion page so one can see the date in the Mayan, Persian, Hebrew, Islamic calendars.


National Weather Service Multi-informational site on United States weather, climate, etc. Does have a connection to international zones as well.

Space Weather Find out weather off our planet from the Space Environment Center.

The Weather Channel is another fast guide to local, national, and international climatology.