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Subject Guide: Philosophy — Ancient / Classical / Modern

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Books in Print: LC Call Numbers in Stacks

Location In Stacks

Range | Subject
B1 - B105 | Philosophy (General)
B108 - B708 | Ancient (600 BC-430 CE)
B720 - B765 | Medieval (430-1450)
B770 - B785 | Renaissance
B790 - B5739 | Modern (1450-date)
BD10 - BD701 |Speculative Philosophy
BH | Aesthetics

Periodicals: DDCS Call Numbers

Location | Title
105 J82p | Journal of Philosophy: 1985 to 2014
105 J827 | Journal of the History of Ideas: 1985 to 2010
105 M661 | Mind: 1965-2001
105 P549r | Philosophical Review: 1964-2002
109.05 J826 | Journal of the History of Philosophy: 1963 to 2014
110.5 R326 | Review of Metaphysics: 1984-2002
Z7127 .P47 | Philosophers Index: 1967-2001
B11 .A7 | Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society: v.64-86

Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, etc.

Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names •

Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind •

Encyclopedia Britannica Online •

Literati •

Subscription Databases

Complete list of subscription databaseslibrary/research/databaseindex

Academic Search Complete •,uid&profile=web&defaultdb=a9h

Ingenta •

JSTOR Arts and Sciences I, II, and III Interdisciplinary Collections •

OCLC FirstSearch •;autho=100159676;FSIP/

PhilosopherIndex •,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=phl

Religion and Philosophy Collection •,uid&profile=web&defaultdb=rlh

WorldCat •;FSIP%20


Complete list of subscription e-journalslibrary/research/ejournals

Other suggested e-journals and e-journal collections:

Electronic Full Text Journals (Search "Philosophy") •

Aristos: A Journal of Arts & Aesthetics

Canadian Aesthetics Journal

Directory of Open Access Journals

EBSCO Open Access Philosophy CollectionExplore 240 full text journals related to philosophy.

Essays in Philosophy: A Biannual Review:Archives

Florida Philosophical Review

Janus Head

Minerva: Internet Journal of Philosophy

Reason Online


Complete list of subscription e-bookslibrary/research/ebooks

Other suggested e-books and e-book collections:

Ancient Philosophy: Articles

Australasian Journal of Logic

Descartes' Meditations

Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB)

Eserver: Philosophy

Human Rights Documents

Humanities, Social Sciences and Law E-Book Collection

Hathi Trust Digital Library

Internet Archive

John Stuart Mill

Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes

Marx/Engels Library

Meta-Encyclopedia of Philosophy

National Academy Press

Online Books Page: Philosophy

Rousseau Association

Secondary E-Texts on Kant

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Summa Theologica by St.Thomas Aquinas

University of California Press

Professional Associations

Society for Phenomenology & Existential Philosophy: Resources •

Other Suggested Online Philosophy Resources

American Philosophy Site Index •

Contemporary Philosophy, Critical Theory, & Postmodern Thought •

D. Anthony Storm's Commentary on Kierkegaard •

Eighteenth Century Resources •

EpistemeLinks •

Erratic Impact Philosophy Research Study Guide •

Eserver: Philosophy •

Essential Readings on Chinese Philosophy •

Fallacy Files •

Great Books Interdisciplinary Matrix •

Guide to Philosophy on the Internet •

Husserl •

Island of Freedom •

Kant on the Web •

Online Medieval and Classical Library •

Ontology •

Paideia Project Online •

Philosophy •

Philosophy Around the Web •

Philosophy Resources •

Philosophy of Science Association •

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy •

Stoic Place •

Untimely Past: Bibliographies on Postmodernism, Post-structuralism, Historiography, Foucault •

The Window •

World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Philosophy •

Ancient / Classics

Ancient Eastern Philosophy •

Classics Resources •

Gnosis Archives •


Everything Postmodern

Husserl Page

Kant on the Web •

Martin Buber Home Page •

New Nietzsche Studies •

Philosophy Since the Enlightenment •

Philosophy Research Base: 20th Century Philosophy •

Readings in Modern Philosophy •

Realm of Existentialism •

Spinoza's Insights •

Voice of the Shuttle: Philosophers & Their Works •


Aesthetics Online •

Aesthetic Realism Online •


Episteme Links •

Philosophy and Religion

Philosophy of Religion •

Religion and Ethics •