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Subject Guide: Religious Studies — World Religions

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Books in Print: LC Call Numbers in Stacks

Range | Subject
BL74 - BL98 | Religions of the World
BL1100 - BL1295 | Hinduism
BL1300 | Jainism
BP1 - BP253 | Islam
BP300 | Bahaism
BQ1 - BQ9800 | Buddhism

Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, etc.

Encyclopedia Britannica Online •

Literati •

Subscription Databases

Complete list of subscription databaseslibrary/research/databaseindex

Academic Search Complete •,uid&profile=web&defaultdb=a9h

JSTOR-Arts & Sciences II •

Proquest Dissertation & Theses •

Religion & Philosophy Collection •,uid&profile=web&defaultdb=rlh


Complete list of subscription e-journalslibrary/research/ejournals

Other suggested e-journals and e-journal collections:

EBSCO Open Access Religion CollectionExplore 40 full text journals related to religion.

Hinduism Today (E-Journal) •

Journal of Islamic Studies: Al-Serat

On...Dharma, Digirati, Ecology

Tricycle: The Buddhist Review

Western Buddhist Review


Complete list of subscription e-bookslibrary/research/ebooks

Other suggested e-books and e-book collections:

Ba-Hai Texts

Ba'Hai Online Library

Online Books Page: Religion (BP Islam- BQ Buddhism) •

Sacred Ba'hai writings

Buddhist Texts

Digital Dictionary of Buddhism

Gateless Gate Zen Buddhism

Sacred texts: Buddhism

Confucian Texts

Sacred Texts: Confucian Canon

Hindu Texts

Sacred Text: Hinduism

The Upanishads (translated) •

Islamic Texts

Forty selected Hadith (English & Arabic) •

Koran: Searchable text in English

Sacred Texts: Islam

Shi'ite Encyclopedia

Jainist Texts

Sacred Texts: Jainism

Shinto Texts

Sacred Texts: Shintoism

Sikh Texts

Sri Guru Granth Sahib (English translation) •

Taoist Texts

Sacred Texts: Taoism

Professional Associations

The Buddhist Society •

Hindu Temples & Indian Associations in Houston •

Other Online World Religion Resources

World Religions: General

Religions for peace •

Religions Working Together for a better world •

Timeline: origin of major religions •

World Religion Index •

World Religion resources •

World Scripture: A comparative anthology of sacred texts •


Bahai resource guide for the scholarly study of the Bahai faith •

The Bahai Faith •

Ba'hai world faith (with links) •


Al-Islam.Org: Law, Practices and Worship •

Islam, Islamic Studies, etc. Resources for studying Islam •


Buddhist Digital Library and Museum •

Buddhist Studies World Wide Library •

Gateways to Buddhism •

Theravada Buddhism Vispassana Page •

Tibetan Studies •


Confucianism •


Jain Database •

Jainism: Principals, tradition and practices •


Hindu Studies: Rutgers Virtual Library •

Hinduism •


Shintoism, About & Internet Links •


Gateway to Sikhism •

Sikhism Home Page •


Avesta Zoroastrian Archives •