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Copyright / Fair Use Policy

Magale Library's policy regarding Fair Use of Copyrighted Works in the Classroom

Copyright Research Guide (Texas A & M University Libraries)

Copyright and Academia
The established educational guidelines, as well as other regulations and rules regarding libraries are available in Copyright Office Circular 21, "Reproduction of Copyrighted Works by Educators and Librarians".

Copyright and Art Issues
As part of the CONFU (Conference on Fair Use ) initiative, Christine L. Sundt has compiled a site for links to all the pertinent web pages on this issue.

Copyright Clearance Center
Place for academics to get copyright permissions for any materials they believe will warrant such permissions. This includes course reserves and electronic reserves. BlackBoard systems does this internally.

Crash Course on Copyright Issues (University of Texas)
Attempts to give faculty and students clearer focus on the issue of intellectual property.

Creative Commons
Creative Commons helps you share your knowledge and creativity with the world.

Libraries and Copyright
As part of the Stanford Copyright and Fair Use web site, there is a section devoted specifically to library participation in Fair Use rules.

Ultimate Guide to Copyright
This is a comprehensive guide to the facts concerning copyright. This includes a section on free stock photos with links to the websites.

U.S. Copyright Office