Chemistry faculty, students attend national ACS meeting in New Orleans

Contact: Lynn B. Stewart, Centenary News Service
318-869-5120 or 869-5709

Professors Ernest Blakeney and Tom Ticich and six students from Centenary College have just returned from the 211th national meeting of the American Chemical Society, which was held in New Orleans March 23-28.

Students attending were Michael Farris, Reagan Hardy, John Hyatt, Vinnie Markray, Jay Morgan and Brandon Young.

Three students in the Centenary contingent gave presentations at the conference, which featured 5,700 papers and an international body of 11,000 attendees.

They were:
Brandon Young, a senior chemistry major, who presented his research on the kinetics of trimethyldioxetane dissociation, which he conducted last summer at Centenary under the direction of Dr. Ticich.
Jay Morgan, who presented research results from his work at Argonne-West National Laboratory, where he participated in the SEAR program last fall.
Reagan Hardy, an officer in the Chemistry Club, who gave a poster on the outreach and enrichment activities of the organization this year.

In addition to the meeting, the group also took a few moments for Cajun food and beignets. Financial assistance for the trip was provided by the Women's Endowment Quorum, the Student Government Association and the local chapter of ACS.