6th Annual HumptyFest Egg Drop Contest
Set for Saturday, Nov. 2 at Centenary College

Contact: Lynn Stewart, Centenary News Service, 318-869-5120 or 869-5709
or Dr. Jerry Lisantti, Department of Physics and Engineering, 318-869-5219

SHREVEPORT, LA -- Getting Humpty -- a raw egg that is -- to survive a fall of over three stories is the object of the exercises that will take place Saturday (Nov. 2) at Centenary College.

The occasion is the sixth annual HumptyFest Egg Drop Contest sponsored by the Centenary Department of Physics and Engineering. The purpose is to design, build and then test a device that is made to hold a raw egg so that the egg does not break when dropped from the top floor of the Mickle Hall of Science.

Cash awards will be given in three categories: for the entry with the least mass in which the egg survives, the most imaginative device, and the best overall. Centenary faculty will judge the entries.

The event, free and open to the public, will be held near the loading door on the southeast side of Mickle Hall. It is one of several activities being held at Centenary in conjunction with Parents and Family Weekend.