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200 Students Receive Degrees from Centenary
During 1997 Commencement Ceremonies May 3

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For more information about the Commencement Speaker, see NASA Chief to Speak

SHREVEPORT, LA -- Centenary College of Louisiana awarded diplomas to some 200 graduates during its 1997 commencement ceremonies held at 2:30 p.m. Saturday, May 3 in the Centenary Gold Dome.

Daniel S. Goldin, administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, delivered the commencement address. The ceremony included the awarding of an honorary doctorate to Goldin and to two others: the Rev. Grayson B. Watson, pastor of Noel United Methodist Church, and Goodloe R. Stuck, Shreveport historian, author and civic leader.

A total of 151 students earned bachelor's degrees and 48 received master's degrees. Fifteen students were graduated summa cum laude, having earned overall grade-point averages of 3.9 or higher. Twenty-one students were graduated magna cum laude, with grade-point averages between 3.7 and 3.89. There were 18 cum laude graduates, who earned cumulative averages of 3.5 to 3.69.

Students graduating with academic honors were:

SUMMA CUM LAUDE -- Michelle Mae Estrella of Nacogdoches, Texas; Emily Janelle Glass, Heather Lea McLelland, Jennifer Clark Pearson, Julie Erin Sarpy and Annette Floyd Stewart, all of Shreveport; Tiffany Lynn Hanson of Little Rock, Ark.; Brian Gregory Johnson of Tyler, Texas; Kristen Jennifer Mavico of Arlington, Texas; John Keegan McConnell of Dallas, Texas; Melanie Joy Mendenhall of Edmond, Okla.; Dawn Sharee Montague of Plano, Texas; Callie Anne Stanley of Stonewall; Edward Robert Wicker Jr. of Kenner; and Shawna Lea Williamson of Marshall, Texas.

MAGNA CUM LAUDE -- Mark Joseph Arcemont of Morgan City; Jeremy Lee Bolom of Yoakum, Texas; Catherine Elizabeth Bethea Dayton, Jennifer Eleanor Dent, Candice Michelle Endicott, Sheila Faye Graham, Frances Reagan Hardy, Robert Steven LeGrow, Dannis M. Myatt III, Summer Darlene Neel, and Sona Govind Patel, all of Shreveport; David Montgomery Evans of San Antonio, Texas; Amy Katherine Hall of Gilliam; Wendy Michelle Hill of Dallas; Meagan Monique Horn of Bossier City; Lauren Jeffords Madigan of Albuquerque, N.M.; James Ryan O'Leary of Katy, Texas; Kathryn Anne Pattullo of Tyler, Texas; Brandy Alexandra Rentz of Plano, Texas; Kristopher Thomas Reynolds of Tulsa, Okla.; and Trisha Alice Whiting of Crowley.

CUM LAUDE -- Penelope Alysse Brobst, Samantha Janet Cragar, John Andrew Love, Christy Anne Palmer, Emily Elizabeth Robinson, Emily Margaret Schaumburg and LaNice Lynne Stanley, all of Shreveport; Rhonda Kay Burgerson of Lone Star, Texas; Brooks Ann Camper of Lindale, Texas; Travis Wolfe Crudup of Arlington, Texas; Staci Nicole Davis of Keithville; Kimberly Claire Detillier of Houma; Wendy Lynn Hamon of Little Rock, Ark.; Cynthia Michelle Holton of West Monore; Meredith Kathryn Lonowski of Pineville; Lynd Frost Matt of Lafayette; Vickie Hankins Peters of Mooringsport; and Margaret Marie Scoville of Chattanooga, Tenn.

Students earned the following degrees:

BACHELOR OF ARTS -- Erika Maria Atkinson, English & Sociology; Angela Dawn Baquero, Biology; Margaret Michelle Boutte', Sociology; Penelope Alysse Brobst, Political Science with Departmental Honors; Loula Margaret Burton, Psychology; Brooks Ann Camper, Theatre; April Ramona Coleman, Spanish; Cynthia Elizabeth Cottrill, English; Matthew David Cox, History; Matthew Stephen Dame, Communication: Film; Candice Michelle Endicott, Pyschology; Carrie Lynn Ferguson, Geology; Amy Shea Festavan, English; Suzanna Jean Finnegan, Communication: Professional Writing; Aljay John Foreman, Jr., Physics; Emily Janelle Glass, Communication: Professional Writing; Sheila Faye Graham, Economics and French; Ronald Wayne Graves, Religion; Amy Katherine Hall, French; Amy Katherine Hall, Theatre; Tiffany Lynn Hanson, Sociology with Departmental Honors; Brandon Lee Helm, Economics and Business Administration; Alison Elizabeth Hersey, Sociology with Departmental Honors; Meagan Monique Horn, Psychology; Monica Melissa Horton, Sociology; Christopher Shawn Humphreys, Sociology; Barbara Nell Jarrell, Religion; Brian Gregory Johnson, Communication: Film; Craig William Johnson, Sociology; Brian P. Krouskop, Psychology; Meredith Kathryn Lonowski, Psychology; John Michael Love, Communication: Professional Writing; Joel Michael Lutz, Economics; Lauren Jeffords Madigan, Business and Economics with Departmental Honors; Lisa Margaret Marino, Biology; Lynd Frost Matt, Christian Education; Heather Lea McLelland, French with Departmental Honors; Elizabeth Anne Means, History; Cynthia Marie Melton, Political Science; Melanie Joy Mendenhall, English; Thomas Eugene Meyers, Sociology; Amber Carrie Miles, Psychology; Dawn Sharee Montague, Psychology; Ryan Saxon Montcalm, German; Dennis M. Myatt III, Communication: Professional Writing; Summer Darlene Neel, Communication, Professional Writing; Sona Govind Patel, English and Political Science; Jennifer Clark Pearson, Geology with Departmental Honors; Vickie Hankins Peters, History; Leroy F. Philbrook, Theatre; Kristopher Thomas Reynolds, Economics; Stephen P. Roell, English with Emphasis in Communication; Thomas Valiyaveetil Samuel, Communication: Professional Writing; Julie Erin Sarpy, English; Emily Margaret Schaumburg, History; Margaret Marie Scoville, Theatre; John Walter Shermer, Performing Arts; Kathryn Joan Spencer, English; LaNice Lynne Stanley, Sociology with Departmental Honors; Annette Floyd Stewart, Religion; Heidi Lea Tate, Dance; Joshua Andrew Wagoner, Sociology; Scott Bryan Ware, Psychology; Trisha Alice Whiting, History with Departmental Honors; Amanda R. Whorton, Psychology; Edward Robert Wicker, Jr., English; Neal Stanford Williams, English; Brian Charles Wilson, Interdisciplinary Studies; Jodi Leighanne Wilson, Interdisciplinary Studies; Alissa Shay

BACHELOR OF MUSIC -- Mark Joseph Arcemont, Organ Performance; Jeremy Lee Bolom, Orchestral Performance; Jennifer Eleanor Dent, Music Education: Instrumental; Lynd Frost Matt, Sacred Music; Christopher Eugene McCleary, Vocal Performance.

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE -- Kevin James Beaver, Business Administration; Jeanette Kendra Bingeman, Business Administration; Kedra Hughes-Branche, Education; Rhonda Kay Burgerson, Health & Physical Education; Scott Alan Burlison, Biology; Walter L. Camper III, Health & Physical Education; Krista Marie Camplen, Elementary Education; Verne Anthony Champagne, Biology; Amy Louise Coleman, Health & Exercise Science; Jeremie Lee Conley, Biology; Samantha Janet Cragar, Accounting and Business Administration; Travis Wolfe Crudup, Biology; Kristen Leigh Curtis, Business Administration; Staci Nicole Davis, Mathematics; Catherine Elizabeth Bethea Dayton, Biology with Departmental Honors; Kimberly Claire Detillier, Biology; Katrina Bronwyn Ernesto, Business Administration; Michelle Mae Estrella, Biology; David Montgomery Evans, Business Administration; Michael Antonio Farris, Chemistry with Departmental Honors; Holly Anne Fletcher, Elementary Education; Marcus James Foos, Biology; Rebecca Victoria Free, Applied Science; Edward Patrick Gardner, Business Administration; Sheila Faye Graham, Accounting; Wendy Lynn Hamon, Mathematics; Frances Reagan Hardy, Biology; Jason Matthew Head, Business Administration; Wendy Michelle Hill, Business Administration; Cynthia Michelle Holton, Elementary Education; Mandy Elaine Hunter, Mathematics; James Lee Irish IV, Business Administration; Gregory Scott Jackson, Health & Exercise Science; Joel Douglas Jowers, Biology; Penney Lynn Kersten, Biology; Rosemary Lynn Kimball, Applied Science; David Michael King, Biology; Julia Anne Knighton, Applied Science; James Peyton LaBorde, Accounting; Ryan Edward Lawrence, Business Administration; Robert Steven LeGrow, Biology; John Andrew Love, Biochemistry; Joel Michael Lutz, Business Administration; Malcolm David Martin, Biology; Michelle L. Marusak, Eementary Education; Kristen Jennifer Mavico, Applied Science; Toby Matthew Maxson, Elementary Education; John Keegan McConnell, Applied Science with Departmental Honors in Biology; Carl Nicholas McKinney Jr., Business Administration; Christopher Randel Means, Geology; Todd Alden Muslow, Accounting; Timothy Kirk Nelson, Applied Science; April Elizabeth Ogden, Elementary Education; James Ryan O'Leary, Mathematics; David Duane Orr, Health & Exercise Science; Christy Anne Palmer, Elementary Education with Departmental Honors; Kathryn Anne Pattullo, Elementary Education; Cara Faye Phillips, Applied Science; Carrie Lynn Phillips, Business Administration; Matt Allen Prysock, Health & Exercise Science; Brandy Alexandra Rentz, Health & Exercise Science and Psychology; Kristopher Thomas Reynolds, Business Administration; Emily Elizabeth Robinson, Biology; Kasie Leigh Robison, Elementary Education; Paxton Gordon Ross, Applied Science; Sarah Grace Schurman, Elementary Education; Stephen Roge Simpson, Biochemistry; Callie Anne Stanley, Biology; Michael James Stayner, Business Administration; Paul Anthony Stephens, Health & Exercise Science; Bobby Gene Ward Jr., Health & Exercise Science; Kathryn Susan Ware, Environmental Science; Shawna Lea Williamson, Business Administration; Keith Alan Wilson, Business Administration; Deborah Renea Wood, Elementary Education; Scott William Yerby, Health & Exercise Science.

MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION -- Edward Allison Brown, Russell A. Bruce, Sherry Gwin Clifton, Linda Gage-White, James Prentice Gimber Jr., Orville Allison Griffey III, DiAnna C. Hoover, Gunnar Gera Kemnitz, Linda Lee Magill, Regina D. McDay, David Michael Miller, Jenny Mary Nickerson, Gregg A. Oliver, E. L. Dindo Rivera, Lucy Alonso Rivero, Raymond Woods Scriber, Todd Alan Simmons, Marilyn Rogers Smith, Joedonna Bryant Webb Jr., Jason Scott Weinland, Harold Ernest Williams, and Jeffery B. Williams.


MASTER OF EDUCATION -- Carrie C. Ashmore-Bell, Supervision of Instruction; Stacey Anne Barnes, Elementary Education; Joshua Ethan Bernstein, Secondary Education; Nancy Calleen Brown, School Administration; Mary Marie Collier, Elementary Education; Milda Hill Eakin, School Administration; Patricia Carroll Edington, School Administration; Jennifer Kay Edwards, School Administration; Kate Pelot Fischer, School Administration; Stephanie Suzann Green-Koontz, Secondary School Administration; Suzette Kay Hadden, School Administration; Kathryn Bradley Harris, Secondary Education; Stacy Elizabeth Hood, School Administration; Beverly J. Hudson, School Administration; Sarah Strickland Johnson, Secondary Education; John H. LeBlanc, Secondary Education; Veronica Ann Loper, Supervision of Instruction; Cecilia Lilian Lopez-Pizarro, School Administration; James M. O'Donnell, School Administration; Shannon Graham Rehm, Elementary Education; Anthony L. Rinaudo III, School Administration; William Samuels, School Administration; Ronda Kay Smith, School Administration; and Lisa Walker, Supervision of Instruction.


HONORARY DEGREES -- Goodloe R. Stuck, Doctor of Laws; Daniel S. Goldin, Doctor of Science; and the Rev. Grayson B. Watson, Doctor of Divinity.

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