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Centenary 1 of 87 Schools in New Book, America's Best Christian Colleges

SHREVEPORT, LA--Centenary College is one of 87 colleges in the nation included in the new book, America's Best Christian Colleges, published by John Culler & Sons.

Culler, the publisher, said that colleges and universities selected for the book met the following requirements:
* An accredited, four-year institution

* Facilities for residence hall and dining services

* Opportunities to qualified students for need-based academic (merit) based, and athletic-based financial aid

* An entering freshman class in the fall of 1996 with a high school grade point average and/or SAT/ACT score equal to or above the national average for all entering college freshmen

* Affiliated with a recognized Christian denomination, or claim current or historical association with, or be governed directly by, a recognized Christian denomination; or be a non-denominational or inter-denominational institution providing an educational experience incorporating, at least to some degree, basic Christian principles and beliefs into the instructional curriculum and /or social environment

Centenary is described in the book in a two-page spread based on information and photographs from Institutional Research and Evaluation, Inc. Among area colleges listed in the new book are Baylor University, Belhaven College, East Texas Baptist University, Harding College, Letourneau University, Louisiana College, Ouachita Baptist University and Southern Methodist University.

America's Best Christian Colleges will retail for $19.95 at bookstores and other outlets across the country.

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