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Reception and Mini Concert to Be Held at Hurley School of Music March 20

SHREVEPORT, LA -- Centenary College's Hurley Music Library and Hurley School of Music will host a reception and mini concert on Friday, March 20 from noon to 1 p.m. in the Hurley Music Library.

The reception is being given in honor of Wayne Sanders, David Redwine, and Robert Murray, who have donated collections of sheet music, recordings, and scores to the Hurley Music Library. The mini concert will be performed by Centenary students.

The Hurley School of Music is at the north end of Woodlawn Avenue and the Hurley Music Library is in a separate building on the south side of the the Hurley Auditorium.

For more information contact Dr. Ronald Bukoff, director of the Hurley Music Library, at 318-869-5247.

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