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Snapshots from President's Convocation

August 24, 1999, Brown Memorial Chapel, Centenary College

Class of 2000

More members of Class of 2000

Members of the Class of 2000, who were among honorees at the 1999 President's Convocation, join the procession from Mickle Hall to Brown Chapel for Centenary's annual President's Convocation. The wearing of academic regalia is traditional for seniors and members of the faculty. Professor Emeritus Lee Morgan (top left) leads the procession. Dr. Rosemary Seidler, (bottom right photo), faculty marshal, leads the procession of trustees, faculty and staff.

Class of 2003

First-year students also participate in the procession to the President's Convocation. These students are members of one of the largest freshman class at Centenary since the late 1960s. First-year students and other new students have special seating and receive a special welcome during President's Convocation.

Ross, Schwab, Fleck, Anderson, O'Dell

Left photo: Convocation Speaker Andrew Ross with Centenary President Kenneth L. Schwab. Right photo: In the procession to the chapel: Dr. Earl W. Fleck, provost;Mr. William G. Anderson, chairman of the Board of Trustees, and Dr. Jack O'Dell, chaplain.

Grunes, Ross, Hendricks, Faculty

Left photo: Professors Rodney Grunes (left) and Jeff Hendricks (right) visit with speaker Andrew Ross (center). Right photo: Wearing their academic regalia, members of the faculty enter Brown Chapel for the President's Convocation, held on the first day of classes. Magale Library is in the background.

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