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Centenary Choir Spans Two Administrations; Will Sing at The White House for Fifth Time on Friday, Dec. 14

SHREVEPORT, LA -- "We are very excited to be able to make a return visit to The White House and very honored that we could make the transition to the Bush White House," said Centenary Choir Director Will Andress about the Choir's appearance next week.

In what is believed to be an unprecedented occurrence, the Centenary Choir has been invited to sing at White House holiday receptions for the fifth year in a row.

"In this time of our lives, following September 11th, it is even more
meaningful for us to be of service to the President and to be in The White
House," Andress said.

The invitation came to sing for a private reception on Friday, Dec. 14, between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.  The Choir will sing two 45-minute sessions, with a break in the middle, at which time the stewards will serve them refreshments. They will sing once in the foyer of the East entrance and then once in the historical East Room, where many state functions take place.

Only 30 of the choir's 60 members will be allowed into The White House and heavy security is involved, Andress said. He selected the 30 students on a seniority basis, keeping the choral balance in mind

"We will fly up Thursday mid-day, be housed two nights in a nice Washington hotel, and return Saturday morning the 15th," Andress said. "The trip would not be possible without the help of corporate sponsors Kilpatrick Life Insurance Co. and Heard, McElroy, and Vestal, Certified Accounts. We will be able to see some of the major historical sites Friday afternoon."

Congressmen from Louisiana and East Texas recommended the Choir's performance, and the White House Visitors Office noted that an outstanding record and response to previous appearances contributed to the invitation, Andress said.

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