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Centenary College of Louisiana Graduates 196 during Spring Commencement Exercises

SHREVEPORT, LA -- A total of 196 students were graduated Saturday, May 5, 2001 during Centenary College of Louisiana's annual commencement ceremonies in the Gold Dome.  Brian P. Lamb, chairman and chief executive officer of C-SPAN, delivered the commencement address.

Graduates included 138 earning bachelor's degrees and 58 receiving master's degrees.  Honorary doctorates were awarded to Lamb, the Rev. William Peeples, Shreveport district superintendent of the United Methodist Church, and Nicholas H. Wheless Jr., Centenary trustee and Shreveport civic leader. 

The college also recognized and awarded "emeritus" status to four retiring faculty members: Dr. Lewis Bettinger, professor of psychology; Dr. Hughes Cox, professor of philosophy; Dr. Barrie Richardson, Samuel Guy Sample professor of business administration and former dean of the Frost School of Business; and Dr. Don C. Wilcox, professor of business and interim dean of the Frost School of Business.

Centenary College of Louisiana is a selective private college located in Shreveport, La.  Founded in 1825, it is the nation's oldest liberal arts college west of the Mississippi.  Centenary is nationally ranked and is regularly listed among the nation's "Best Colleges" and "Best College Values." 

Six students were graduated summa cum laude, having earned grade-point averages of 3.9 or higher.  Sixteen earned the magna cum laude designation, with 3.7 to 3.89 GPAs, and 23 achieved cum laude status, having, 3.5 to 3.69 GPAs.   They are:

SUMMA CUM LAUDE -- Geovanna E. Chavez of Shreveport, La.; Amy Danielle Coughenour of Commerce, Texas; John Kenneth Cowden of Sherwood, Ark.; Nicole Desiree Kozen of Bossier City, La.; Elizabeth Schaffer Prince of Tupelo, Miss., and Shannon Kay Richardson of Richardson, Texas.

MAGNA CUM LAUDE -- Lisa E. Bishop of Greenville, Texas; Lee Ellen Brunson of Bossier City, La.; Alison Diane Culver of Jefferson, Texas; Thomas Christopher Horton of Benton, La.; Amanda Jean Kay of Joaquin, Texas; Grace Caroline Long of Shreveport, La.; Carolyn Jane Morris of Dallas, Texas; Ioanna Christos Panos of Shreveport, La.; Walter Lee Parker III of Lake Providence, La.; Courtney Lynn Patterson of Tyler, Texas; Emily Carolyn Pinnix of Shreveport, La.; Kimberly Caroline Scarsdale of Shreveport, La; Nola Jean Sieber of Paulina, La.; Laura Elizabeth Walker of Shreveport, La.; Katherine Elise Williamson of Shreveport, La.; and Stephanie Ann Woods of Tatum, Texas.

CUM LAUDE -- Carter David Benton of Shreveport, La., Kathleen Jenna Bowman of Baltimore, Md.; Christopher Ellis Brown of Shreveport, La.; David Michael Castille of Baton Rouge, La.;  Katherine E. Coffman of Shreveport, La.; Erin Zo Valerie Elizabeth Curtis of Hot Springs, Ark.; Samantha Yvonne Evans of Shreveport, La.; Jeffrey Steven Everson of Shreveport, La.; James C. Ford of Bossier City, La.; Rebecca Maire Geihsler of Gretna, La.; Roger Chad Hendricks of Longview, Texas; Jennifer Rebecca Jackson of Bossier City, La.; Donald Robert Kirkindoll of Shreveport, La.; Eric Edmond Lee of Shreveport, La., Mindy Leigh Manning of Shreveport, La.; Cathrine Dawn McCarthy-Olson of Shreveport, La.; Evan Scott McClanahan of Shreveport, La.; Rolin Alexander Moe of Naples, Fla.; Gregory A. Peco of Tickfaw, La.; Jacquetta Sh’Rell Ray of Shreveport, La.; Jonathan Mathew Rothell of Shreveport, La.; Kristina Marie Sullins of Mesquite, Texas, and Amy Kathryn Woodley of Marshall, Texas.

Graduates for 2000-2001, by states and hometowns, are:

Fayette --  Ronnie Allen McCollum, B.S., Health and Exercise Science

DeQueen -- Jerry Don Killian, B.A., Music
Hot Springs --  Erin Zo Valerie Elizabeth Curtis, B.S., Chemistry
North Little Rock --  Jessica Lea Secrest, B.A., Psychology
Sherwood -- John Kenneth Cowden, B.M.,  Music Theory and Composition

Piedmont -- Jeffrey O. Swope, B.A., Economics
Santa Maria -- Ryan Michael Hageman, B.S., Health and Exercise Science

Naples -- Rolin Alexander Moe, B.A., English

Loves Park -- Travis Nathaniel Tate, B.S., Business Administration
Marengo -- Robert Anthony Rubel,  B.S., Business/Spanish and Finance
Roscoe -- Brandy Nicole Gunderson,  B.S., Mathematics

Parsons -- Sandra D. Burris, B.S., Business Administration

Baton Rouge -- Carl Alexander Barkemeyer, B.A., Economics; David Michael Castille, B.S., Physics; and Katherine Ione Townley, B.A., Psychology.
Benton -- Jennifer Ann Chance, Master of Education; Thomas Christopher Horton, B.S., Mathematics, and B.S., Physics; and Martha J. Patten, Master of Education
Bossier City -- Alissa S. Anderson, Master of Business Administration; Karrie Paige Bennett, Master of Education; Margaret A. Bonner, Master of Business Administration; Lee Ellen Brunson, B.S., Biochemistry; Elizabeth J.S. Chamberlain, Master of Business Administration; David J. Dempsey, Master of Business Administration; Evelyn P. Ford, Master of Education; James C. Ford, B.S., Biology; Angela C. Grantham, Master of Business Administration; Sheanny Triana Hardjasudarma, Master of Business Administration; Danny R. Hardman, Master of Business Administration; Jennifer Rebecca Jackson, B.A., Art; Nicole Desiree Kozen, B.S., Biochemistry; Dewayne A. McKoy, Master of Business Administration; Ryan L. Oswald, B.A., Communication: Film, TV; Lisa Marie Polak, B.S., Applied Science; Lisa Craig Rauschenbach, B.A., Communication: Professional Writing; Donna O. Tidwell, Master of Business Administration; Luigi D. Visciotti, Master of Business Administration.
Broussard -- Andrea Nicole Pharr, B.S., Health and Exercise Science, and Psychology
Dubach -- Jamie Charlene Hearne, B.S., Biology
Elm Grove -- Natalie Christian Rawls, B.S., Elementary Education
Greenwood -- William Timothy McDearmont, B.A., Communication: Film, TV
Gretna -- Rebecca M. Geihsler, B.A., Music
Harvey -- Catherine Lynne Spruce, B.S., Business Administration
Haughton -- Linda S. Cranford, Master of Education; Sherri T. Taylor, Master of Business Administration; Stephen R. Taylor, Master of Business Administration; and Cathy Jo Turner, Master of Education
Keithville -- Leanis L. Graham, Master of Business Administration, and Christopher T. Dittman, Master of Business Administration
Lafayette -- Peter David Guarisco IV, B.A., Geology
Lake Providence -- Walter Lee Parker III, B.A., Religion
Mansfield -- Ricky Duane Burch, Master of Education
Minden -- Le'Vester Lamon Mills, Master of Education, and Robin V. Tucker, Master of Education
Monroe -- Robert William Calhoun, B.S., Biology
Natchitoches -- Holly Rachelle LaCaze, B.S., Applied Science
New Orleans -- Tranisha Pamela Hunter, B.A., Communication: Professional Writing, and Zachary William Vaughn, B.A., Communication: Professional Writing
Paulina -- Nola Jean Sieber,  B.S., Biochemistry
Pineville -- Maria Noel Saucier, B.S., Biology
Ruston -- Kacee Laine Carter, B.A., Speech; Jason Lovelle Maggio, B.S.,Health and Exercise Science; and Gregory Daniel McGehee,  B.S., Finance
Sarepta -- Elaine M. Morgan, Master of Business Administration, and Gary W. Morgan, Master of Business Administration
Shreveport -- Edita Alidema, B.S., Biology; Lewis Hayden Bell Jr., B.A., Communication: Professional Writing; David Sanford Bellar, Master of Education; Carter David Benton, B.A., Social Studies Education; Christopher Ellis Brown, B.A., Liberal Arts; Charles Scott Carpenter, Master of Business Administration; Ashley Lynn Carter, B.S., Business Administration; Geovanna E. Chavez, B.A., Spanish; Katherine E. Coffman, B.S., Mathematics and Theatre; Antonio Cooksey, Master of Business Administration; Michael Christian Couch,  B.A., Psychology, and B.S., Biology; Mary E. Drexler,Master of Arts in Teaching;  Emily Elliott,  B.A., Sociology; Cedric B. Ellis, Master of Education; Carolyn Hale Erwin,  B.A., English; Samantha Yvonne Evans,  B.A., English; Jeffrey Steven Everson, B.A., Business Administration, and B.S., Economics; Lillian Marie Fields,  B.S., Elementary Education; Darin W. Fortenberry, Master of Business Administration; Brenda Gleason Franks, Master of Education; Kelly Ann Gaines, Master of Education; Stacey E. Garcia, Master of Education; Paula K. Gray, Master of Business Administration; Kyle S. Guerry, B.S., Business Administration; David Phillip Hamm, B.S., Business Administration; Mohammad Sami Hasan, B.S., Finance and Business Administration; Darrin Anthony Heusel,  B.S., Accounting and Business Administration; Toras Hill, Master of Education; Lindsay Helen Holman, B.A., Communication: Film, TV; Dena Lou Howard, Master of Education; Eric R. Huffman, B.A., Religion; Edwin Scott Isaacs,  B.S., Business Administration; David Jalanivich, B.S., Biology;  Lila Elizabeth Johnson, B.A., Political Science; Kimberly Ann Jones, Master of Arts in Teaching; Donald Robert Kirkindoll, B.M., Music, Vocal Performance; Emily Ann Kirkland, B.A., Theatre; Ashley Lynn Knecht,  B.S., Biology;  Sarah Margaret Lagersen,  B.A., Art; Eric Edmond Lee, B.A., Theatre; Grace Caroline Long, B.M., Sacred Music; Mindy Leigh Manning, B.A., History and Latin; Wade H. Marshall, B.M., Music Theory and Composition; Clyde N. Massey, Master of Business Administration; Cathrine Dawn McCarthy-Olson, B.S., Chemistry; Evan Scott McClanahan, B.A., Music; Mary Kathleen Meriam,  B.A., History; Karin J. Miklos, Master of Business Administration; Johnny Lee Myles, B.S., Biology; Matthew David Nicholas, B.A., Theatre; Ioanna Christos Panos,  B.A., Art; Carol Sue Paulson, Master of Arts in Teaching; Michael A. Paxton, Master of Business Administration; Tracy M. Phillips, Master of Business Administration; Emily Carolyn Pinnix, B.A., Music; Robin Elizabeth Quinn, Master of Education; Jacquetta Sh’Rell Ray, B.S., Psychology; Rishea H. Richards, Master of Business Administration; Jonathan Mathew Rothell,  B.A., Communication: Film, TV;  Kimberly Caroline Scarsdale,  B.S., Health and Exercise Science; Tiffany Denise Smith,  B.S., Applied Science; Emily Avette Stanford, Master of Education; Tadeusz J. Stawasz, Master of Business Administration; Mary Louise Texada, Master of Business Administration; Michael Frederick Tooke,  B.A., Communication: Film, TV; Laura Elizabeth Walker, B.A., Sociology; Thomas Hansen Welch,  B.A., Theatre; Loyd G. Whitley, Master of Business Administration; Constance A. Whitton, Master of Business Administration; Patrick C. Williams, Master of Business Administration; Katherine Elise Williamson,  B.S., Mathematics; Gilliam Aaron Woodham III,  B.S., Health and Physical Education; Stephanie Leilani Woodward,  B.A., Liberal Arts; Ronald Bryson Worthen, B.S., Business Administration; and Tamitha Sue Zook,  B.A., Theatre.
Tickfaw -- Gregory A. Peco, B.S., Biology
Vivian -- Nancy Anne Caldwell, Master of Education
West Monroe -- Debra H. Sempter, Master of Business Administration
Winnfield -- Denise F. Beville, B.S., Finance

Baltimore -- Kathleen Jenna Bowman, B.A., Psychology

Greenville -- Amanda Lee Rankin, B.A., Political Science
Tupelo -- Elizabeth Schaffer Prince, B.A., Christian Education

Las Vegas -- Susan Leslie Larson, B.A., Communication: Professional Writing

Candler -- Sarah Elaine Bracken, B.S., Business Administration

Maysville -- Staci Renee Kwast, B.S., Biochemistry

Collierville -- Lauren Bianca McKnight,  B.A., Political Science
Memphis -- LaKeshia Renee Rhyne, B.S., Business Administration
Palmyra -- Janna Aileen Lhotsky, B.S., Applied Science

Atlanta -- Angela Dawn Hale, B.S., Biophysics
Austin -- David Calvin Campbell III, B.S., Business Administration
Bivins -- Christopher Bruce Pattillo, B.S., Biophysics
Chandler -- Marla Renae Frederick, B.A., Sociology
Colleyville -- Elizabeth Anne Tener, B.A., Communication: Professional Writing
Commerce -- Amy Danielle Coughenour, B.A., English
Dallas -- Ashley Maurene Hunter, B.M., Music Theory and Composition; Carolyn Jane Morris, B.S., Business Administration; and Jason Graves Wingert, B.S., Business Administration and Finance
Duncanville -- Lara Ann Brown, B.S., Business Administration
Frisco -- Rebecca R. Duncan, Master of Education
Graham -- Michelle Ann Haynie, Master of Arts in Teaching
Greenville -- Lisa Ellen Bishop, B.S., Elementary Education
Houston -- Delmire Fisher, Master of Arts in Teaching, and Kaissar M. Najjar, B.S., Business Administration
Huntsville -- Evette Calene Barnes, B.S., Applied Science
Hurst -- Marrissa Anne Cross, B.A., Sociology
Jefferson -- Alison Diane Culver, B.S., Geology, and Amanda Lea Morrison, B.S., Accounting
Joaquin -- Amanda Jean Kay, B.S., Applied Science; and LeAnn Kay, B.A., Political Science, and B.S., Business Administration
Katy -- Jenelle Deanna Cockerham, B.A., Psychology; Lawrence William Loocke, B.S., Business Administration and Finance, and Nancy Ellen Wallace,  B.A., History
Lakeway --  Dawn Michelle Crider,  B.S., Physics
Longview -- Roger Chad Hendricks, B.S., Biophysics, and Jill Haynes Mobley, Master of Education
Marshall -- Janna Marshall Ellenburg, B.S., Geology; Warren Morril Harper, B.M., Piano Performance, and Amy Kathryn Woodley, B.M., Music Education (Vocal)
Mesquite -- Kristina Marie Sullins, B.S., Health and Exercise Science
Pearland -- Brent Robert Sharp, B.S., Biochemistry
Plano -- Salvador Anthony Genovese II, B.S., Business Administration, and  Keeley Renae Larned, B.A., Interdisciplinary
Richardson -- Shannon Kay Richardson, B.A., English: Communication Emphasis
Spring -- Tomas Melchor, B.S., Health and Exercise Science
Tatum -- Stephanie Ann Woods, B.A., English
Texarkana -- Dawson Boone Taylor, B.A., Political Science
Tyler -- Courtney Lynn Patterson, B.S., Mathematics
Waco -- Benjamin Grant Cunningham, B.S., Business Administration
Waskom -- Kevin W. Hagler, Master of Business Administration
Whitehouse -- Nathaniel Kline Edwards, B.M., Sacred Music
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Alexandria -- Kathryn Vail Shelton, B.A., Theatre

Port Angeles -- Sarah Elizabeth Gronning, B.S., Health and Exercise Science

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