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Centenary grads participate in "Best Friends" program on Wheel of Fortune

Centenary Alumnae with Pat Sajak

Sonia Monroe Fields '95 (left) and
Kelley McCrary Bernhard '95 (right) with
Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak

SHREVEPORT, LA -- A friendship forged during their college days at Centenary and maintained thereafter will be highlighted on national television Wednesday, May 16 as the Wheel of Fortune game show airs its "Best Friends Week."

And although they won't reveal what -- if anything -- they won, the two contestants will be sharing the experience with their friends in Dallas during the 6:30 p.m. broadcast.  While friends and family will watch the program in Shreveport on KTAL-TV, Channel 6, members of the Dallas Young Alumni Chapter will gather at Nate's Seafood to view the final results.

Sonia Monroe Fields, formerly of Shreveport, and Kelley McCrary Bernhard, formerly of Bossier City, auditioned in Dallas in February and March and were selected as contestants for the March 18 taping.  The two mathematics majors met in 1991 during their first math class at Centenary.  They became study pals and then fast friends.  Their friendship continued as each graduated from Centenary in 1995 and moved to the Dallas area.

Fields, a graduate of Caddo Magnet High School, is a pension administrator for Texas Benefit Planning. Bernhard, an Airline High School graduate, teaches math at Highland Park High School.

The two have contributed diaries about their experience to the Wheel of Fortune website ( Fields says, "I had such a good time throughout the entire experience. Kelley and I made a good team because we consulted each other throughout the game. I'm glad that I didn't have to play alone. This was the most phenomenal thing that has ever happened to me. I had wanted to be on the show since high school, and it was a real dream come true."

Bernhard says, "Sonia and I discussed the fact that it would make a great edition of a news show to explain all of what goes into being a game show contestant. There were a few tryouts--one where you even had to take a written test! I can honestly say, though, that even the tryouts were enjoyable. Wheel of Fortune has a wonderful team that works with you and trains you to be a fabulous contestant. Not to brag-but Sonia and I were great students!

"As for what I have learned, I can pass a few things along. The wheel is heavy. Pat (Sajak) and Vanna (White) are as sweet and down-to-earth as can be… You have a lot to think about when you are up at the wheel (I can't image how hard it would have been to go on by myself!) so it is definitely different from watching it at home… But most importantly, the fun and excitement of being on the Wheel far outweighs anything the nerves could do!"

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