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Kinetic Sculptor Lin Emery


Kinetic Sculptor Lin Emery to speak on "Public Sculpture and the Public" Oct. 21 at Centenary's Meadows Museum 

SHREVEPORT, LA -- On Sunday, Oct. 21 at 2 p.m., kinetic sculptor Lin Emery will speak on "Public Sculpture and the Public" at Centenary's Meadows Museum. 

Emery's lecture is free and open to the public.  She said she will discuss "monuments, statues, sculptures and all the variations in between." She will also talk about her sculpture, "Duo," which is currently located on Centenary's campus at the corner of Centenary Boulevard and Kings Highway. 

Constructed of aluminum and painted red on the edges, Duo stands over 22-feet high and has a second piece that is 12- to 15-feet tall.  It is currently on loan at the college. 

Emery, a New York-born New Orleanian, was largely influenced by the philosophical ideas of Ossip Zadkine, who first taught her about sculpture in Paris.  She incorporated kinetics into her early education, creating sculptures that make her artistic style a distinctive one.  All of her pieces move in some way. 

"For more than 30 years, all my sculpture has been kinetic -- mainly large-scale work for public spaces," Emery said. "Both the forms and the random movement are inspired by nature. The linked elements may evoke plant or flying forms, and are set in motion by natural forces -- wind or water. Their highly polished surfaces mirror the world around them, while their movement is influenced by infinite variables: the points of balance, the normal frequency of each element, the interruption of the
counterpoise. And, of course, the changing flow of wind or water." 

Emery is nationally recognized and has with works scattered throughout cities in the United States, along with sculptures located in Japan and Singapore. She is the recipient of Japan's grand prize for
public sculpture. 

For further information, contact Diane Dufilho, director of the Meadows Museum, at 318-869-5169.