Centenary College President's Convocation
Candid Photos at the Opening Convocation of 
 the Academic Year 2002-03
 Tuesday, Aug. 20, 11 a.m.
 Centenary Gold Dome

  President Kenneth L. Schwab poses with
  The Cox Family Singers (left to right): 
  Sidney, Lynn, Willard, Suzanne and Evelyn.

Provost Darrel Colson recognizes new endowed chair
holders:  Dr. Juan R.G. Rodriquez, Dr. Barbara K. Davis,
Dr. Christopher S. Ciocchetti and Dr. David L. Havird.

Cox Family performs to an enthusiastic
crowd in the Gold Dome and later receives
a standing ovation.

First-year students have prime seating for the 
Cox Family's presentation.

Honor Court Chief Justice Claire Galloway presents the Honor 
Code book containing the signatures of all new students to
President Kenneth L. Schwab. Seated are Charles Ellis
Brown, vice chairman of the Centenary Board of Trustees, and
the Rev. Betsy Eaves, chaplain of the College.

The Cox Family Singers, Grammy-winning performers from 
Cotton Valley, La., warm up before the convocation.  

Willard, Evelyn and Sidney Cox

Orientation leaders prepare to join procession
with first-year students.

First-year students await processional.

Seniors, who were among the day's honorees, prepare to march.

Students file into Gold Dome.

Pianists Gay Grosz and Ross Smith combine talents to provide
music for the processional and recessional.

President Kenneth L. Schwab poses with the Cox Family's
local manager, Christy (Mrs. Sidney) Cox.

Cox Family singer/musician Suzanne (right) visits with 
Dr. and Mrs. David Havird and Dr. Patricia Schwab.

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