Candid Centenary
Photos from the Centenary Choir's "Picture Walk" from the Choir Loft 
in Mickle Hall to the Choir's New Home in Anderson Choral Building
Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2002

  Three generations of Choir members lead the procession across campus, carrying photographs from their respective areas.  Left to right are Kristen Middleton, a current Choir member, with her grandmother Harriett Middleton, who was a charter member of the Choir in 1940, and her father Chris Middleton, a member from 1969-73.
(Photo by Neil Johnson)

  Three generations of Middletons -- Chris, Harriett and Kristen -- depart Mickle Hall just ahead of Choir Director Dr. Will K. Andress. (Photo by Neil Johnson)

   Current choir member Sean Gilder carries a photo from the Choir's first appearance at The White House in 1997.  (Photo by Neil Johnson)

  Choir alumni find their own pictures from among portraits in the Choir Loft..  (Photo by Donna Bartholomew)

  Photographs from many Choir years arrive at their new location, the Carruth Choir Room in the Anderson Choral Building.  (Photo by Neil Johnson)

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