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President-Student Swap Day: Kathryn Thompson Becomes Centenary "President" for Day; "Student" Ken Schwab Attends Classes, Practices with Rowing Team
Candid Photos Oct. 24, 2003

SHREVEPORT, LA—A day of meetings, meals and fund-raising calls was on tap for Kathryn Thompson, Centenary's student-turned-president on Friday, Oct. 24. Meanwhile, "student" Ken Schwab took notes in psychology, biophysics and math classes and spent the late afternoon practicing with the rowing team.

On any other day this year, Thompson is a senior biophysics and math major from Plano, Texas, and Schwab is actually Centenary's president.

On Friday, however, the two walked a mile in each other's shoes during the college's annual President-Student Swap Day. Although approached with a bit of humor, the day is designed to promote understanding and communication on campus.


Starting their day before 8 a.m., "Student" Ken Schwab (left) and "President" Kathryn Thompson have breakfast at Strawn's Restaurant with William G. Anderson, chairman of the Board of Trustees, and Centenary attorney Don Weir (not pictured).

Later in the day, the schedules of the two coincide for a staff member's briefing on the upcoming gubernatorial debate on campus. "President" Thompson okayed a proposal for the distribution of the limited number of tickets available for the statewide televised debate, set for live broadcast on Sunday, Nov. 2.
























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