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Centenary Recognizes Outstanding Students, Faculty, Staff at 2005 Honors Convocation

SHREVEPORT, LA — Centenary College formally recognized many of its outstanding students, faculty and staff members Thursday, April 21, at this year’s Honors Convocation. The convocation was held at 5 p.m. in Brown Memorial Chapel.

Honors included academic and all-campus awards; memberships into honor societies recognizing leadership, scholarship and service; the Maroon Jackets, the official hosts of the college; Centenary Pacesetters, individuals who are recognized as setting the pace on the campus; presidential awards and scholarships; Centenary Lady and Gent, and Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges.

Honorees are as follows:


Ancient and Modern Languages:
Herr R. Johnson Watts Award
Sabine Cox

McFaddin Latin Award
Alanna Lewis and Laura Morgan

Chemistry Academic Award

Addie Dickson

CRC Award in General Chemistry
Xu Teng

Outstanding Achievement in Organic Chemistry Award
Kelly Waterhouse

Bettina C. Hilman Award for Academic Excellence
Lacey Millet and Mamina Turegano

Church Careers:
James Sears Award for Outstanding Contribution to Church Careers
Ashley Herrmann

D. L. Dykes Founder Award for Excellence in Field Education
Laura Geltz, Carrie Weber and Brian Williams

Church Careers Seniors Award
Helen Field

Minnie Hall Brown Award
Elizabeth Coody

Escaped Images Dance Scholarship
Renée Nolen

The Escaped Images Dance Company Award
Katherine DuPont, Sherricka Fields and Jesse Smith

Vroonland Secondary Education Award
Katie Fullbright

Hallquist Elementary Education Award
Mindi DeBusk

P. B. Lindsey Freshman English Award

Sarah Eich

Thomas E. Esther Horton and Stephen T. Victory English Scholarship
Elizabeth Downes

Audrey M. Smith Endowed Poetry Award
John Cassaro

Zeak Monroe Buckner Creative Writing Award
Ashley Young

M. T. Brewerton Award for English
Elizabeth Coody

Frost School of Business:
Top Finance Student Award

Henry Jin

Top Economics Major Award
Anja Schmidt

Top Business Major Award
Barbara Kelley

Top Accounting Student Award
Katherine Willis

Institute of Management Accountants Award
Kaela Meinert

The Wall Street Journal Award
Katherine Willis

Frost School of Business Leadership Award
Greg Clarke

Frost School of Business Faculty Award
Aaron Elrod and Henry Jin

Cecil E. Ramey, Jr. Frost School of Business Award
Mary Greene

Woodrow W. Pate Economics Award
Scott Lerchie

Austin Sartin Award

Carlie Duhon

Estwing Award
Timothy Vance

Health/Exercise Science:
Tip Davidson Award

Emily Jackson and Janis Kelley

Dr. James C. Farrar Award in Health and Physical Education
Lory Kowaleski

Dr. David L. Bedard Health and Exercise Science Award
Lindsey Stafford

History/Political Science:
Chris T. and Sue C. Barnette Memorial Award

Erin McQuiston

Colonial Dames of America, Chapter 6 - Outstanding American History
Ashley Madden

M. T. Brewerton Award for History
Sara Thompson

Weems, Schimpf, Gilsoul, Haines & Carmouche Pre-Law Award
Amber Furgerson

Dr. Leroy Vogel Memorial Award
Katie Smith

Virginia Carlton Mathematics Award

Matthew Frazier

John A. Hardin Award
Rebecca Groves

A. C. "Cheesy" Voran Award
Megan Saucier

Shannon Brown Award
Travis Orr

A. J. and Nona Trigg Hodges Choir Spirit Award
Meredith Davis & Jonathan Ferrell

Director's Award
Jared Williams

Shirley Hawn Endowed Music Scholarship
Jeremy Alfred

Helen and Henry Stertz Endowed Music Scholarship
David Pennywell

Frank Carroll Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Jeremy DeLaCerda

Mary C. White Scholarship
Stephanie Schreiber

Outstanding Senior Music Major Award
Laura Daigle

Natural Science:
Poppy K. Moon Endowed Award
Diya Surie

Outstanding Biophysics Student of the Year

Laurie Stevison

Outstanding Graduate in Psychology Award

Danielle Rushing

Vroonland Psychology Award
Rosie Daniel

Religious Studies:
Dean R. E. Smith Religious Studies Award

Megan Saucier

Dr. W. Ferrell Pledger Honor Award in Sociology

Malissa Watkins

Sigma Beta Delta

Emily Evans, John Hardin, Candace Sullivan and Ella Yeung

Omicron Delta Epsilon
Sarah Bowman, Greg Clarke, Aaron Elrod, Brian Grone, Scott Lerchie and Anja Schmidt

Phi Alpha Theta
Lindsey Bellamy, Carrie Faulk, Amber Furgerson, Alanna Lewis, Ashley Madden and Ashley Moss

Pi Sigma Alpha
Kelsey McCune, Charles Neff and Kym Davis Rogers

Psi Chi
Kelley Heckman, Ashlie Junot, Jeanette Morgan, Erin Primeaux and Haley Young

Theta Alpha Kappa
Laura Geltz, Mary Greene and Ashlie Junot

Order of Omega National Greek Honor Society
Emily Argue, Joel Bailey, Benjamin Bumgardner, Lauren Frost, Amber Furgerson, Darrius Hills, Stephani Kyle, Megan LeBato, David Reiland, Taylor Robertson, Jenna Roche, Wynne Stuart, Megan Vaughn, Kakie Walker and Angela Word

National Residence Hall Honorary
Katie Fullbright, Bethany Green, Jennifer Hayes, Janis Kelley, Ashley Lacy, Megan LeBato, Meg Polito, Laurie Stevison, Mamina Turegano and Megan Vaughn

Alpha Chi
Elizabeth Allen, Jennifer Atchison, Benjamin Bumgardner, Elizabeth Coody, Laura L. Daigle, Mary Rose Daniel, Addie Smith Dickson, Emily Evans, Autumn Grace Frazier, Amber Furgerson, Kylie Michelle Garrett, Rebecca Rhiannon Groves, Mary Hanisee, Amanda Harper, Sean Hennigan, A. J. Howes, Barbara Kelley, Emily Klepper, Lauren Koehn, Courtney Lacy, Nicholas Mai, Ashley Cristin Mantooth, Erin McQuiston, Lacey Ann Millet, Ashley Moss, Rebecca Murphy, Stacy Nelson, Rachel Ella Reischling, Taylor Robertson, Sara Kate Ross, Helen-Frances Sanders, Evelyn Scarborough, Anja Schmidt, Lindsey Stafford, Laurie S. Stevison, Diya Surie, Megan Vaughn, Katherine Eleanore Walker, Malissa Watkins, Saige Wilhite and Katherine Ruth Willis.

Omicron Delta Kappa
Elizabeth Allen, Cathleen Byrne, Timothy Carpenter, Jennifer Cockburn, Patrick Cole, Mindi DeBusk, Daniel Epstein, Meredith Foster, Amber Furgerson, Mary Greene, Rebecca Groves, A. J. Howes, Barbara Kelley, Stephani Kyle, Megan LeBato, Carrie Lombardino, Kacie Lopez, Rebecca O'Brien, Janna Oswald, Taylor Robertson, Lindsey Stafford, Jeffrey Stotts, Diya Surie, Megan Vaughn, Kakie Walker and Leah Wingate

Athletic Achievement Award
Chad Maclies and Anja Schmidt

CAB General Board Member of the Year
Patrick Patterson

Greek Man of the Year
Darren Gibbs

Greek Woman of the Year
Lisa Bounds

John M. Warren Award
Debbie Elsen

Thomas A. Pitt Memorial Award
Kelsey Johnson and Megan Saucier

Centenary College Student Service Award
Kelsey Johnson

Rising Star Award
Lee Bridges, Maggie Mahoney and Emily Waggenspack

Community Building Program of the Year
Sara Hebert and Krystal Williamson

Educational Program of the Year
Josh Broussard, Amy Harrell and Sara Hebert

Programmer of the Year
Ebonii Nelson

Resident Assistant of the Year
Laurie Stevison

Outstanding Contributions in Student Life
Lisa Bounds, Sarah Bowman, Devon Castleberry, Daniel Epstein, Jonathan Ferrell, Sherricka Fields, Katie Fullbright, Darren Gibbs, Jessica Haas, Jennifer Hayes, Jessica Hayes, Ashley Lacy, Matthew Martin, Lacey Millet, Mae Mouk, Sarah Myers, Ashley Sittig, Katie Smith, Laurie Stevison, Jeffrey Stotts, Mamina Turegano, Katherine Walker and Krystal Williamson

Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges
Lisa Bounds, Sarah Bowman, Devon Castleberry, Gregory Clarke, Elizabeth Coody, Rosie Daniel, Addie Dickson, Aaron Elrod, Sherricka Fields, Katie Fullbright, Darren Gibbs, Mary Greene, Rebecca Groves, Courtney Herzog, Emily Jackson, Kelsey Johnson, Vladimir Kamenov, Janis Kelley, Ashley Lacy, Matthew Martin, Lacey Millet, Laura Morgan, Jenney Palmer, Sarah Kate Ross, Brantley Sasseen, Megan Saucier, Ashley Sittig, Katherine Smith, Lindsey Stafford, Laurie Stevison, Mamina Turegano, Katherine Walker, Krystal Williamson and Katherine Willis

Samuel P. Peters ODK Leadership Award
Maggie Mahoney

Joy Jeffers Award
Ashley Sittig

Ray Williams Honorary Maroon Jacket Award
Jonathan Ferrell

Faculty-Staff Honorary Maroon Jackets
Betsy Eaves, Jeanne Hamming and Bryan Hayse

Maroon Jackets 2005-06
Emily Argue, Patrick Cole, Abram Darnutzer, Debbie Elsen, Bethany Green, Darrius Hills, Stephani Kyle, Christopher Lavan, Megan LeBato, Scott Lerchie, Carrie Lombardino, Taylor Robertson, Sarah Smith, Megan Vaughn and Kakie Walker

Nan Christian Award
Christopher Lavan

SGA Bullet Award
Lacey Millet

Pacesetters – Students
Lisa Bounds, Whitney Buchanan, Devon Castleberry, Jonathan Ferrell, Darren Gibbs, Ryan Goodwin, Sara Hebert, Darrius Hills, Kelsey Johnson, Christopher Lavan, Scott Lerchie, Lacey Millet, Tyler Moore, Mae Mouk, Wesley Pepitone, Ashley Sittig, Jeffrey Stotts and Kakie Walker

Pacesetters – Faculty/Staff
Scott Chirhart and Mary Sue Rix

Centenary Lady
Mamina Turegano

Centenary Gent
Andrew Barkley

Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship
Jessica Adams

Verba J. Schwab Memorial Endowed Leadership Award
Amanda Russell

Ellis H. Brown Leadership Award
Darren Gibbs and Lacey Millet

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