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President-Student Swap Day is Feb. 1 at Centenary College
Will "President" Surie Cave to Demands? Will "Student" Schwab Cut Class, Get Ticketed?

SHREVEPORT, LA — Centenary College will have a new president and a new student on Wednesday, Feb. 1, for the annual observance of President-Student Swap Day.

"President" Diya Surie will be ensconced on the second floor of Hamilton Hall for much of the day, but she may be off campus making calls on donors/supporters at breakfast and lunch, or in a classroom teaching an FYE course.

Sources close to the annual observance report that some campus constituencies are already planning Swap Day initiatives -- requests for salary raises, tuition rebates and extra college holidays. Inquiring minds want to know: Will President Surie bow to the pressures and sign off on any of them?

"Student" Ken Schwab will be in classes across campus. Unless he cuts one or more, he will be taking notes or tests in art, political science and sociology classes.

Spectators are already on the lookout for Schwab's parking strategy, standing by to report any attempts at slipping into a reserved parking space. Sources in the Department of Public Safety report that tickets, as usual, await any non-presidential parkers.


Media contact: Lynn Stewart or Kelsey Johnson, Centenary News Service, 869-5120 or 841-7265

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