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Snapshots of Centenary Students, Faculty, Alumni & Staff Supporting Blitz Build 2006
Oct. 21, 2006, Allendale area, Shreveport, La.

SHREVEPORT, LA — Centenary students, alumni, faculty and staff members worked together to put finishing touches on new homes in the Allendale area of Shreveport on Saturday, Oct. 21. The Fuller Center for Housing, working in partnership with Shreveport/Bossier Community Renewal, has committed to build at least 60 houses in Shreveport for hurricane evacuees and local residents in need.

The Centenary crew worked on four homes from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., helping with landscaping, flooring, caulking, painting, installing fixtures and general clean up. The crew considered the highlight of their day to be working on the home of two Centenary staff members Juan Thomas of Facilities Services and Gwen Thomas, a custodian for James Residence Hall.

Approximately 30 volunteers, half of them students, from the Centenary community volunteered. The alumni, faculty and staff who volunteered were: Libby Andress ’83; Mazie Gillen ’55; James Goins ’61; Jean Goins ’63; Vladimir Kamenov ’05; Peyton LaBorde ’93; Miles McDowell ’99; Chat Reed ’64; Katie Smith ’06; Angie White ’93; Paul Young ’76; Carla Alsandor MBA ’04 and director of alumni programs at Centenary; and Scott Chirhart, assistant professor of biology.

Student participants included Jane Anderson, Kathryn-Alizabeth Baker, Brittany Bjerke, Nicole Clifton, Amanda Fontenot, Rebekah Gagnard, Ashley Johnston, Georgette Lang, Anna Maris, John Ramsey, Tuan Tran, Naomi Will and Holly Williams.

Hoyt Bain ’63 coordinated the alumni team, and Angie White ’93 solicited local businesses for lunch donations. Centenary’s Student Government Association coordinated the student team and had special yellow t-shirts made for the day.

Centenary students, alumni, faculty and staff gather together at the Fuller Center for Housing headquarters in Allendale.


Standing on the back row are neighbor Sally, homeowner and Centenary staff member Gwen Thomas, Angie White '93, project coordinator Trish and Carla E. Alsandor MBA '04. On the front row are Vladimir Kamenov ’05 and Miles McDowell ’99.


Centenary students Ashley Johnston and Amanda Fontenot spruce up the bathroom with new flooring.


Students and alumni stand on the porch of the Fuller Center headquarters. They are (left to right) Brittany Bjerke, Nicole Clifton, Ashley Johnston, Anna Maris, John Ramsey, Jane Anderson, Angie White '93 and Tuan Tran.


Miles McDowell ‘99 helps prepare the lawn for sodding.


Left to right: Paul Young, III ’76, Peyton LaBorde ’93 and Chat Reed ’64 also prepare the soil in Gwen Thomas’ front yard.


Mazie Gillen ’55 helps lay sod.


Students join alumni to put down the sod. Pictured are James '61 and Jean '63 Goins, Kathryn-Alizabeth Baker, and Mazie Gillen '55.


Lucy Andress, daughter of Libby Andress 83 and granddaughter of Will 61 and Julia 61 Andress, does her share of work.


Professor Scott Chirhart works alongside Rebekah Gagnard to finish the flooring in one home.


Student coordinator Holly Williams does some touch up painting.


SGA President Georgette Lang calculates angles.


Director of Alumni Programs Carla E. Alsandor MBA '04 lines the kitchen backsplash with tape, preparing for some touch-up painting.


Student Naomi Will makes baseboards using her newly learned skills with a saw.


Centenary students take a break to pose on the new porch of Mr. Henry, a Katrina evacuee (shown in the center with his grandchildren). Pictured are Nicole Clifton, Anna Maris, Brittany Bjerke, John Ramsey and Jane Anderson.


Photos courtesy of: Carla E. Alsandor, Office of Alumni Relations

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