As Reported by the Shreveport Times

Things Were Abuzz at Centenary College

By Sonja Bailes
Courtesy KTBS Shreveport


Thousands of bees who had established colonies in the business and language arts building at Centenary College had their stingers out today for the beekeeper sent to evict them — and for some onlookers there to watch things unfold.

While freshmen orientation was underway on one part of the Shreveport campus, it was moving day for the bees that had moved into part of Jackson Hall.

They were not happy with professional beekeeper Jeff Smith, who started out by blowing smoke up their hive.

Smoke normally makes bees sluggish and less aggressive — but that didn't work with the Centenary honey bees.

Smith then decided to suck them and their honeycomb out, which worked.

The operation drew a crowd of onlookers — two of whom wound up getting stung in the face as the bees swarmed.

After several hours of work, Smith came down with the hive, which contained about 200 pounds of honey and comb.

"It was one of the biggest hives I've done this year and definitely the most aggressive," he said.

Because the bees were so aggressive, a sample of them is going to be sent to the Department of Agriculture for testing to see if they are Africanized bees. There is a known Africanized bee colony in North Caddo parish, but none so far in Shreveport.

The beekeeper will be back next week to tackle the second hive.