Frost School of Business Announces New Undergraduate Business Program — A Foundation for Change

SHREVEPORT, La. (Centenary News Service) - Recently, Centenary College of Louisiana announced changes to their curriculum that included revamping and streamlining many of the academic programs that included a renewed focus on undergraduate arts and sciences programs.

Refining the overall academic program to concentrate on areas of current and future strengths required tough choices among several distinctive programs and left students, alumni and friends of the Frost School of Business wondering about the status of the business school and possibly fearing the worst.

"That's understandable", remarked Dr. Chris Martin, Dean of the Business School. "After all, the undergraduate programs of the Frost School have historically attracted the largest percentage of students on the campus and our graduates have been highly successful in the top ranked graduate schools and in their chosen professions."

Front Steps of Jackson Hall
Dr. Chris Martin enjoys a moment with students on the steps of Jackson Hall

These changes, according to Dr. Martin, are positive in the fact that the business school is streamlining the program for the current and future challenges in the business environment.

"We emphasize to our students the importance of questioning old assumptions of success," said Dr. Martin. "We also want them to be introspective, to anticipate the need for change, and to develop a clear vision that will address the long term challenges they face. So, our restructuring of the undergraduate business program reflects this thinking and practice."

Specifically, the changes to the business school curriculum approved on May 7th by the Centenary College Board of Trustees include the streamlining of the undergraduate program and an increased emphasis on ethical obligations, corporate social responsibility, and the development of leadership competencies for the global marketplace. In addition, the revised Bachelor of Science in Business Administration will enable business majors who desire a particular career pathway to obtain a concentration in Accounting, Management or Finance.

The redesigned Business Administration major will provide students with breadth as well as depth through each concentration, Dr. Martin commented. "Our students should become more comfortable in the international arena through new coursework in global business practice. While ethics and corporate social responsibility have always been a part of our program, they will take on new prominence in the redesigned program. It is an exciting new direction and is certainly taking place at the right time."

According to Dr. Barbara Davis, Professor of Accounting and Finance, "We have made certain that all required courses necessary for our business majors to sit for the CPA examination in Louisiana are a part of the accounting concentration." Centenary is noted for its high, first-time pass rate on the CPA examination and the high placement rate of graduates with national accounting firms.

Those Business Majors who choose a finance concentration will gain valuable hands-on experience through the Frost School of Business Student Managed Investment Fund, currently valued at more than $100,000. The curriculum also prepares students for the changing nature of the world's financial marketplace.

"The concentration in management will focus on leadership and behavior in organizations and on providing students with the interpersonal and organizational insights that are crucial to their success and the success of any type of business." said Dr. Kelly Weeks, Associate Professor of Business.

For many years, the Frost School of Business has had a long history of successfully preparing students for the next step after graduation, Dr. Martin said, whether that step is for graduate school or beginning their careers.

"The Centenary liberal arts education has provided the foundation for that success. Our graduates can persuasively communicate their ideas, think critically, and appreciate broadly. I believe that the curriculum changes that we have made in the Business School will bolster our efforts to develop students who have the ability to ask the right questions, develop creative and responsible solutions, and are globally engaged business professionals."

To learn more about the Frost School or Business and the programs offered, visit or contact Dr. Chris Martin at 318.869.5141.