(April 20, 2011)

Contact: Rick DelaHaya, Centenary News Services, 318.869.5073

College announces winners of 20th Annual Student Research Forum

SHREVEPORT, La. (Centenary News Service) - Nine students received first through third place awards in three separate divisions during the 20th Annual Student Research Forum held at Centenary College of Louisiana April 14-15. Divisional winners for poster and oral presentation are:

Poster Session

1st place

Jonathan Carrere

Methylin and Diazepam Alter Ambient Temperature Tolerance in GAMBUSIA AFFINIS

2nd place

Lauren Larkin

Investigation of a potential tyrosine phosphorylation site in the activation loop of a yeast casein kinase 1 protein kinase

3rd place

Marci McMahen

Merkel Cell Polyomavirus Urinary Shedding in Pregnancy: A Prospective Longitudinal Study

Social Science and Humanities oral presentations

1st place

Wesley Carlisle

The Integration of Mathematical Approaches into the Cell Biology Curriculum

2nd place

Catherine Walsh

The Two Faces of Muhammand Abd Al Wahhab

3rd place

David Micinski

Use of Eye-Tracking Technology in Examining Cognitive Processes

Natural Sciences oral presentations

1st place

Dallas Krentzel

Description of a new specimen of Ictidostoma Hemburyi (Therapsida; Therocephalia) and the Phylogenetic relations of Therocephalians to the Mammalian lineage

2nd place

Kathryn Craigo

Perfluoroalkylation of C-H bonds in arenes with carboxylic acid and trialkylamine functionalities

3rd place

Reem Abo-Zahrah

Synthesis of Archaeal-type Phospholipids with Varying Alkyl Chain Lengths

This year, more than 47 students representing fields of study from across campus took part in the two-day event that provided them the opportunity to communicate their independent studies, senior seminars or summer research projects to the Centenary community. The Research Forum was divided into two parts including poster presentations and oral presentations, with research divided into three areas: Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities.