(November 29, 2011)

Centenary Students Install Public Art on Downtown Building

SHREVEPORT, LA — Centenary art students installed a public art piece called "Grow More, Waste Less" on the outside of the Sears Building in downtown Shreveport today. The installation is in partnership with Liz Swaine and the Downtown Development Authority as well as Roland von Kurnatowski, the building's owner.

Student with Grow More Installation

"There's just no limit to what these great historic buildings can be used for," said Swaine. "We applaud Centenary College for envisioning the grand old Sears Building as a palette for public art with a message."

The words "Grow More" will be spelled out in moss on the Louisiana Avenue side of the building, and the words "Waste Less" will be spelled out in trash and recycled items on the Texas Street side of the building. The temporary installation will last 4-6 weeks.

"The mandates from our culture command us to consume 'more, more, more' and do it 'faster, faster, faster,'" said the students of ART 201, Issues in Public Art, in a statement. "These ideas of waste and haste seem inextricably linked. We have created a counter-mantra that encourages us to "Grow More" and "Waste Less." By installing the large-scale phrases on a building in downtown Shreveport, we aim to engage the broader public in reflecting on their own consumption habits, prompting a shift away from the haste-waste paradigm toward a more sustainable approach."

The students' statement continued, "The words "Grow More," spelled out in moss, suggests that our appetite for more might be better satisfied by the slower, more thoughtful act of creation rather than consumption. "Waste Less," spelled out in trash collected from our own homes, dorm rooms, and campus, highlights the impact of our current habits while calling us to a different approach."