(January 9, 2012)

Key card access installation in the works

SHREVEPORT, LA — Returning students will notice that changes are being implemented in their residence halls this semester. Key card access will begin to appear throughout campus in the coming months starting with Hardin Hall on Monday, January 9. Once the card system is fully set up, students' ID cards will be programmed to give them access rights to the residence halls, academic buildings, cafeteria, and fitness center.

Dorm Picture

"The goal is to bring this key card system online for as many students as possible in a tight timeframe," said Bill Ballard, Vice President for Finance and Administration. "We are coordinating our efforts as best we can to fast-track a project that takes a lot of behind-the-scenes preparation with various vendors. Residence halls are our first priority."

Much progress has been made on the multi-phase job since the fall semester. Cables have been laid for all access locations, and the necessary hardware and software has been installed at the DPS office. Following implementation and testing at Hardin Hall, each building will be tested and brought online over the coming weeks, with residence halls coming first. The residence halls are slated to be brought online as follows: Sexton during the week of January 30, James during the week of February 13, and Rotary during the week of February 27. Cline Hall will come later due to replacement of the doors as required by the new system.

The installation of the key card entrances is part of a $500,000 grant the College received from the U.S. Department of Justice. The grant provides funds for technological advances to improve campus security.