(January 13, 2012)

College shows more progress on Centenary Renewal

SHREVEPORT, LA — Centenary Renewal, the $5 million reinvestment into campus upgrades that began last summer, continues to show progress with additional completed and planned projects. Along with improved campus lighting, upgrades and enhancements in the dorms and academic buildings have comprised the bulk of Centenary Renewal projects, providing more inviting places for students to live, learn, and lead.

Jones Rice Scoreboard
Jones Rice Field scoreboard

"Improving the student experience continues to be the central focus of the Centenary Renewal initiative," said Matt Bailey, Senior Director for Marketing & Communication. "Most projects have focused on heating and cooling systems across our campus, so while students may not see the improvements, they will certainly feel the difference. Our systems are now more reliable and energy efficient."

Following the Big Chill in December, the system supplying heat to the Mickle Hall of Science, the Smith Building, Brown Chapel, the Hurley buildings, and Magale Library was replaced. New HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) units will be installed in Bynum Commons in March. Energy management controls are also being installed, and a new heating boiler is being installed in Cline Residence Hall.

As the spring semester begins, Jones Rice Field now has a new scoreboard and pavilion with additional brickwork and a storage area in the works. The student body and the Student Government Association (SGA) proposed the Jones Rice field project.

"Overall, these new features will enhance the student experience for any activity on Jones Rice field," said senior Drew Burnham, SGA President. "The scoreboard will improve score-keeping and officiating while the pavilion, water fountain, and picnic tables are much-needed amenities for our intramural athletes."

Centenary Renewal was launched in May 2011 to renovate the campus's physical infrastructure while improving the energy efficiency and sustainability features of campus life. To learn more about completed projects as well as projects slated to begin this summer, visit www.centenary.edu/renewal.