(February 23, 2012)

Student Resource Center gets facelift

SHREVEPORT, LA — The Student Resource Center has begun to make significant renovations thanks to a grant funded by the Muses. Located on the second floor of Magale Library, a newly installed glass wall enclosure now defines the space designated for the Center. According to Associate Dean Melva Turner-Williams, this is just one step in a much longer process to create an innovative collaboration station.

Student Resource Center

"Research shows that more and more learning is taking place outside the classroom," said Turner-Williams. "Our students are being asked by faculty to be more innovative in their approach to coursework to make them more competitive for graduate schools and the job market. This means that we must give students more opportunities to simulate real world experiences. We can do this by providing a space for students to share and create ideas as learning is no longer a solitary activity."

Out of this research, the idea for a collaboration station was born. The future station will be designed to foster inspiration, creativity, and experimentation.

Though the collaboration station is a work in progress, the current Student Resource Center continues to provide guidance to ensure students' academic success. The Center offers assistance in study skills, provides individual academic needs, tutoring, time management and motivation for students who need support. Student tutors are available for 1:1 assistance or to lead study groups.

Funding for the glass enclosure was generously provided by the Centenary Muses, a group of women dedicated to funding student-centered campus projects and programs not included in the regular college budget. The ladies host the Centenary Book Bazaar every September to raise funds. This year's Bazaar raised over $50,000. Thousands of people came to browse the more than 80,000 items the ladies had collected.

For more information on the Student Resource Center or to request individualized assistance, please contact email.