(April 2, 2012)

College increases Transformation Grant awards for off-campus students

SHREVEPORT, LA — President David Rowe approved a 25% increase in Transformation Grant awards for non-residential students. The idea came as a formal proposal from junior Charles Madden and the Student Government Association aimed at reducing the gap in Transformation Grants for on and off-campus students. The proposal was not a direct product of a student senate resolution, but was organized and run through Madden.

Transformation Grant pic

"We put forth this proposal as a way to give off-campus students a voice," said Charles Madden, SGA Vice President for Procedure. "Dr. Rowe was ready and willing to meet with me about it to discuss the issue, and he really wanted to know the concerns of the students both on and off-campus."

The initial Transformation Grant amounts proposed for off-campus students included $500 per semester and up to $1,000 per year. The approved increase will allow off-campus students who are pre-registered for 12 or more hours to receive up to $1250 per year ($625 per semester).

Madden and other students polled their peers through Facebook posts and a Tuition Forum Follow-Up Page. Students were asked to provide a response and choose among three options: A. Keep the grants the same size; B. Make the grant sizes equal; C. Increase the grant size by some amount but not make them equal.

"This effort was successful in bringing the administration's attention to the issue and in provoking a positive response," said Drew Burnham, SGA President. "I am pleased that the administration responded by narrowing the gap. The students who participated in this proposal should be proud of their work."

To be eligible in Fall 2012, students must complete the Transformation Grant application no later than April 16. More information on eligibility and application procedures can be found on the Transformation Grants page.