(April 17, 2012)

Turkmenistan delegation visits Centenary

SHREVEPORT, LA — Delegates from Turkmenistan, one of the Turkic states of Central Asia, visited Centenary's campus, students, faculty, and staff on Tuesday, April 17. Included in the delegation were a member of the country's parliament, a university president and vice president, and a member of the Turkmenistan National Academy of Sciences. A translator was also on hand to provide assistance.

Delegation with Office of Global Engagement
Turkmenistan delegation meets with the Office of Global Engagement

"It is always a great opportunity for us to meet with delegates from other countries," said Nicole Munoz-Vern, Assistant Director of Global Engagement. "These experiences open doors for our domestic and international students. Where else but Centenary could we have students from Ireland, France, and the Congo have a sit-down meeting with a delegation from the country of Turkmenistan."

Centenary's Office of Global Engagement maintains an informal relationship with the Turkmenistan Youth and Civic Values Foundation, which is spearheading the trip. Turkmenistan is currently undergoing a series of educational reforms, and learning about education from multiple perspectives is a main focus of their visit to Shreveport.

The delegation began its visit in a meeting with the Office of Global Engagement followed by a tour of the campus. The group also met with Student Development, Centenary's Cabinet, international students, and May Module coordinators. The Module is a month-long set of immersive courses, available in a variety of academic areas, that combines travel with study.

"This is a mutually beneficial and valuable meeting for Centenary as well as the Turkmenistan delegates," said Chris Lavan, Director of Global Engagement. "Learning about our educational system is important to the delegates whereas Centenary continues to focus on enhancing our students' experience and making global connections."

The Turkmenistan Youth and Civic Values Foundation (TYCVF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to developing and encouraging civic values, international experience, and community engagement among the people of Turkmenistan. Part of TYCVF's mission is to promote international experiences for and with Turkmen students.