(April 24, 2012)

College announces winners of 21st Student Research Forum

SHREVEPORT, LA — Fourteen students received awards in four separate divisions during Centenary's 21st Annual Student Research Forum, April 19-20:

Humanities oral presentation

1st place

Zachary Cowsert

Prince Camille de Polignac: "A Damn Frog-Eating Frenchman" Commanding Confederate Soldiers, 1861-65

2nd place

Lauren Rogers

Civil Religion in the Republic of Turkey

3rd place

Adam Gatlin

A Lesson in Diplomacy: Robert Bigger Oakley's Years as U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan, 1988-1991

Natural Sciences oral presentation

1st place

Brandon McRae

Stairway to Heaven

2nd place

Jacob Jennings

Parsing Mathematical Expressions into MathML

3rd place

Gaurav Shah

The CK1 Protein Kinase Yck2 Exhibits Multiple Phosphorylation Sites

Social Sciences oral presentations

1st place

Drew Burnham

The Development of Arrears to the IMF

2nd place

Candace Rushing

How Do You Spell /ʃəʊl/: Orthographical Differences Across Fourth Graders at Three SES Levels

3rd place

Katie James

Measures of Vertical and Horizontal Religious Language in Christian Liberal Arts College Mission Statements

Poster session

1st place

Dallas Krentzel

Similarities in Toxicity between an Environmentally Ubiquitous Polyurethane Component and DDT in Daphnia magna in Terms of Survivorship, Fecundity, and Excitotoxicity

2nd place

Stephanie Hansen

Suppressor Analysis of the Yck2 Ser243Asp Protein Kinase Mutant

3rd place

Roumta Odisho, Millicent Davis, James Hall

Analgesic Effects of Perfluroalkyl Derivatives of Ibuprofen

This year, students shared more than 51 independent studies, senior seminars, or summer research projects with the Centenary community.

Thanks to the generosity of the Muses, the winners of the Forum will receive $50 for first place, $35 for second place, and $25 for third place. The Muses group is dedicated to funding student-centered campus projects and programs not included in the regular college budget. Members hold the annual Centenary Book Bazaar in the Gold Dome every fall.