(May 4, 2012)

Centenary to award diplomas May 5 during 2012 commencement

SHREVEPORT, LA — Centenary's 2012 graduates will move on to the next chapter of their lives once they cross the stage at the Commencement Ceremony, Saturday, May 5, in the Gold Dome beginning at 10:30 a.m.

Candidates for degree include 154 students earning bachelor's degrees and 41 receiving master's degrees in education or business. Six students will graduate summa cum laude, having earned grade point averages of 3.9 or higher. Twenty students have earned the magna cum laude designation, with a 3.7 to 3.89 GPA, and 24 achieved cum laude status, having earned a 3.5 to 3.69 GPA.

This year, Dr. William Arceneaux, Director of the Foundation for Excellence in Louisiana and President of the Council for the Development of French in Louisiana (CODOFIL), will deliver the commencement address. He will also receive an honorary Doctorate of Laws.


Cady Morgan Redman Chesne
Leah Elizabeth Dark
Dallas James Krentzel
Lauren W. Rogers
Gaurav M. Shah
Randall Glen White, Jr.


William Drew Burnham
Sergio Giuseppe Cananzi
Chelsea Danielle David
Jihad H. Elaydi
Samantha Marie Gray
Kayla Malynne Klaus
Anthony F. W. LeBlanc
Timothy Aaron Magill
Katherine Leigh Norgard
Mary K. Orsulak
Taylor Anthony Pahls
Grace Caroline Robinson
Marcos Aguilar Rodriguez
Brandon Ray Sepulvado
Katherine Denise Sexton
Emily Lynn Slazer
Melody Taylor Smith
Macy Nicole Stockton
Megan Brittany Webber
Emily Graves Willet


Reem Sharon Abo-Zahrah
Sean Rose Brazeel
Eric M. Ball
John Michael Callen
Cassandra Nicole Cloutet
Eren Marie Corapcioglu
Kathryn Ann Correro
Megan Cara Davis
Gabrielle Marie Giordano
Kathryn Prescott Hardey
Paige Elizabeth Hewlett
Jacob Daniel Jennings
Erika Louise Lunsford
Caleb Scott McSorley
Caitlin Leigh Neese
Aurora Katherine Elizabeth Owen
Samantha Ann Poole
Elizabeth Leigh Rosselli
Candace Glynn Rushing
Regina Louise Salvatore
Amy Katheryn Schimschock
Samantha Ann Poole
Kayla Elizabeth Tibaldo
Garrison Fletcher Tubbs
Heather N. Wensler


The following students have distinguished themselves by achieving Departmental Honors in the designated disciplines, signifying the completion of an intensive research project with presentation of the results to student peers and faculty.

William Drew Burnham, Economics
William Drew Burnham, Political Science
John Michael Callen, Geology
Mary Teresa Guerrant, Psychology
Kayla Malynne Klaus, Psychology
Dallas James Krentzel, Biology
Erika Louise Lunsford, English
Mary K. Orsulak, Neuroscience
Lauren W. Rogers, Religion
Candace Glynn Rushing, Education
Brandon Ray Sepulvado, Sociology
Gaurav M. Shah, Chemistry
Samantha Ann Poole, Chemistry
Garrison Fletcher Tubbs, Music
Randall Glen White, Jr., Chemistry


Samantha Kristine Aarstad, Communication: Film, TV, Video
Nicholas Joseph Antoon, Individualized Major "The Politics of Art"
Faye Mellynn Baker, Political Science
Eric M. Ball, Communication: Film, TV, Video
Benjamin S. Barcelona, Mathematics
Jacob Scott Bates, Theatre
Jacquelyn Mary Batson, Philosophy and Religious Studies
Sean Rose Brazeel, Psychology
Regina D. Brown, Music
Steven Alexander Brown, History
William Drew Burnham, Economics and Political Science
Brooke Ashley Carrier, Dance
Cady Morgan Redman Chesne, Psychology
Bonnie Marshall Cook, Communication: Film, TV, Video
Kathryn Ann Correro, Elementary Education
Frances Brandy Nichole Couch, Dance
Zachary C. Cowsert, History and Political Science
Thomas Heath Cox, Communication: New Media
Derek E. Dalzell, Geology
Megan Breanne Daniel, History
Leah Elizabeth Dark, Psychology
Chelsea Danielle David, Theatre
Megan Cara Davis, Psychology and Dance
Timothy Patrick Doolin, Political Science
Ross P. Dugas, Philosophy
Monique Lene Finley, English
Jeffrey Charles Foster, History
William C. Gaston, Religious Studies
Adam Reid Gatlin, History and Political Science
Jesse B. Gilmore, Economics
Taylor Joanna Gilmour, Psychology
Gabrielle Marie Giordano, Psychology
Mary Teresa Guerrant, Psychology and Music
Jordan Daniel Gurren, Communication: Film, TV, Video
Priscilla Tess Hawthorne, Biology
Jessica Louise Hunter, Art: Visual Culture and English
Jacob Daniel Jennings, German Studies
Joshua Glenn Hayes Johnson, Theatre
Bethany S. Kern, Communication: Film, TV, Video
Kayla Malynne Klaus, Psychology
Ayotunde O. Kuku, Biology
Marquette Evans LaForest, Communication: Film, TV, Video
Lauren E. Lassiter, History
Jaclyn R. Lopez, Communication: Film, TV, Video
Erika Louise Lunsford, English
Ashley Lee Lynch, English and Communication: Professional Writing
Timothy Aaron Magill, Music: Sacred Music
Laura Patricia Martinez Rodriguez, Religious Studies
Jenny Jolene Mather, Religious Studies
Nicholas N. Mauldin, Individualized Major: Public Worship & Design
Merwin Wayne McCrady, Theatre
Tate Austin McIntyre, Geology
David Bruce Micinski, Psychology
Lauren Kyle Morrison, Theatre
Caitlin Leigh Neese, Psychology
Laura Jane Neville, Music: Sacred Music
Matthew Kenneth Nichenko, English and Communication: Film, TV, Video
Aurora Katherine Elizabeth Owen, Psychology
Dennis C. Pevey, Jr., Music
Delisha Lanice Powell, English
Theresa Celeste Ratcliff, Art: Studio Arts
Grace Caroline Robinson, Art: Visual Culture (Museum Management)
Lauren W. Rogers, Religious Studies and Psychology
Elizabeth Leigh Rosselli, Sociology
Candace Glynn Rushing, Elementary Education
Randall Preston Schmidt, Jr., Communication: Film, TV, Video
Brandon Ray Sepulvado, Sociology and Philosophy
Katherine Denise Sexton, Art: Studio Arts and Communication: Film, TV, Video
Emily Lynn Slazer, Theatre
Julianne Hope Smoak, Art: Studio Arts
Laura Katelyn Spencer, Communication: Professional Writing and Spanish
Aimee Elizabeth Spooner, Sociology
Jenna Alane Squyres, German Studies
Macy Nicole Stockton, Religious Studies
Travonte? M. Thomas, Music
Kayla Elizabeth Tibaldo, Psychology
Maille R. Vetros, English
Colleen Shannon Watts, Theatre
Megan Brittany Webber, Psychology
Heather N. Wensler, French
Randall Glen White, Jr., Economics
Emily Graves Willet, Psychology
Mary E. Wygle, Sociology and Psychology
Lesley Kathryn Yanner, German Studies


Crystal Darcell Birdsong, Music Theory & Composition
William Blake Bruchhaus, Sacred Music
Jesse Kitzman Gabriel, Music Performance: Orchestral
Sarah Ann Hazlett, Sacred Music
Zachary Osric Owens, Music Education: Vocal
Garrison Fletcher Tubbs, Music Theory & Composition


Reem Sharon Abo-Zahrah, Biochemistry
Xun Ao, Accounting and Business Administration
Raphael Bamiyo Asenime, Jr., Accounting and Business Administration
Mouhamad T. A. Assi, Business Administration
Aaron A. Bergman, Health & Exercise Science
John Michael Callen, Geology
Sergio Giuseppe Cananzi, Biology and Latin
Lauren Jane Carlton, Health & Exercise Science and Psychology
Zachary Wayne Christ, Health & Exercise Science
Ryan William Christianson, Physics and Geology
Cassandra Nicole Cloutet, Health & Exercise Science
Eren Marie Corapcioglu, Mathematics
Corinne L. Cormier, Biology
Corey M. Davis, Chemistry
Millicent Claire Davis, Neuroscience
Jihad H. Elaydi, Physics
Samantha Marie Gray, Biology
Stephanie Marie Hansen, Biology
Kathryn Prescott Hardey, Computational Mathematics
Leander Peter Henry IV, Accounting
Paige Elizabeth Hewlett, Health & Exercise Science
Brian E. Hurlburt II, Business Administration
Laura Marie Immenschuh, Biology
Jacob Daniel Jennings, Mathematics
Allison M. Jones, Health & Exercise Science
Justin Ray Kraft, Geology
Dallas James Krentzel, Biology
Makensie Leigh Lant, Health & Exercise Science
Timothy Joseph Lanza, Accounting and Business Administration
Anthony F. W. LeBlanc, Biology
Lauren Rae Lee, Business Administration: Management and Spanish
Evan J. Magill, Biology
Jonathan Wayne Martin, Health & Exercise Science
Anna M. Mason, Business Administration: Accounting
Caleb Scott McSorley, Business Administration and Finance
Kyle Andrew Mehnert, Geology
Mark Adam Nerio, Health & Exercise Science
Katherine Leigh Norgard, Health & Exercise Science
Roumta A. Odisho, Neuroscience
Catlin Nicolle Orschel, Biochemistry
Mary K. Orsulak, Neuroscience
Taylor Anthony Pahls, Biology
Olivia Victoria Abigail Parsons, Biochemistry
Robert M. Poole, Physics and Individualized Major: Computational Mathematics
Samantha Ann Poole, Biochemistry
Charles Eb Reed II, Individualized Major:"Business and Health Studies"
John M. Reeks, Physics
Colton Vann Robey, Business Economics and Business Administration
Marcos Aguilar Rodriguez, Health & Exercise Science
Regina Louise Salvatore, Geology
Amy Katheryn Schimschock, Biochemistry
Marisa Rose Schneider, Accounting and Business Administration
Gaurav M. Shah, Biochemistry
Melody Taylor Smith, Accounting and Business Administration
Peter Lang Stark, Business Administration
Alexander H. Tan, Business Administration
Jonathan Blake Threadgill II, Business Administration
T. Ryan Watson, Health & Exercise Science
Sarah HongYaoQu Weiler, Accounting
Sarah HongYaoQu Weiler, Finance
Heather N. Wensler, Neuroscience
Randall Glen White, Jr., Chemistry
Brittany Lei Wilkens, Health & Exercise Science
Cody A. Wolfe, Business Economics and Business Administration
Stephanie Rose Wright, Biology


Tasonia D. Akins, Secondary Education
Juan Manuel Alvarez, Jr., Secondary Education
Nicole Jennifer Baker, Elementary Education
Sammie Jean Bell, Secondary Education
Debbie W. Blades, Elementary Education
Suzonne B. Callen, Secondary Education
Amanda Winans Duty, Elementary Education
Robert Albert Ely, Secondary Education
Sarah C. Fite, Elementary Education
Mary Broemel Foster, Secondary Education
Samantha J. Green, Secondary Education
Courtney Alexandra Harrison, Secondary Education
Gretchen Louise Hundemer, Elementary Education
Kristin Cochran Hunsicker, Secondary Education
Rebecca Lynn Brown Johnson, Elementary Education
Todd Russell Johnson, Secondary Education
Lisa H. Kavanaugh, Elementary Education
Kevin Michael Kingdon, Secondary Education
Carrie Ann Lombardino, Secondary Education
Lara D. Lyons, Elementary Education
Kayla Danielle Morvan McCoy, Elementary Education
Rosa Maria Otzenberger, Secondary Education
Kerri Lamb Rogers, Elementary Education
Sherri Lyn Teer, Elementary Education
Rachael M. Wells, Secondary Education
Robyn Jane Williamson, Secondary Education
Justin Meyer Woodman, Secondary Education


James Edwin Bass, Jr., Business Administration
Brandy Nicole Evans, Business Administration
George Archer Frierson III, Business Administration
Scott Michael Frost, Business Administration
Frank Jacob Grigsby, Business Administration
Lauren Hunter Hebert, Business Administration
Robert Matthew Hudnall, Business Administration
Amanda Raymond Joubert, Business Administration
Joseph W. Littlejohn, Business Administration
Megan Amber Meyer, Business Administration
Stephanie Paige Oldenburg, Business Administration
Robert L. Russell, Business Administration
Lucas R. Spence, Business Administration
Claire Broyles Williams, Business Administration


William Arceneaux, Doctor of Laws
Norman Z. Fisher, Doctor of Fine Arts
Calvin G. Moret, Doctor of Humane Letters