(May 22, 2012)

KSCL rocks through the summer

SHREVEPORT, LA — Though many students are away for the summer, KSCL, Centenary's non-commercial, educational FM radio station, continues to provide a steady stream of programming for its loyal listeners. Programmed and operated by Centenary students, the station provides a creative outlet for its members.

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KSCL Station Manager Cara Lavender

"I think KSCL is unique because we reach out and interact with the community at large," said Cara Lavender, KSCL's Station Manager. "There are no advertisers or parent companies to answer to, which allows our DJs much more freedom in terms of how their shows are run."

The radio station has maintained a consistent presence in the community through participation at the Highland Jazz and Blues Festival and Texas Avenue Makers Fair and by sponsoring events at Minicine. Lavender, a KSCL member since fall 2010, hopes KSCL can expand its reach even farther into the community in the upcoming year through service projects and merchandising.

Another goal that Lavender has set for herself and the station is to increase student involvement. KSCL easily attracts community DJs, and the station seeks student involvement through Springboard, new student orientations, and organizational fairs on campus. Lavender's own KSCL experience has improved her skill set and provided unique opportunities.

"My experience at KSCL has allowed me to network with KSCL alumni and supporters in the community and come to know many people that I would have never met otherwise," said Lavender. "I have been able to better my organizational and leadership skills through the positions I have held at the station."

Throughout the summer, KSCL staff members are looking for innovative ways to enhance their station. They are in the process of adding new educational radio spots to the system for the fall as well as overhauling the automation system.

KSCL is an extension of the Centenary College liberal arts education and provides access to underrepresented voices. The station's events and programming are attentive to the needs of the local community and supportive of the regional culture.