(May 24, 2012)

Cline Hall renovations take shape

SHREVEPORT, LA — Cline Hall has become the next focus of Centenary Renewal, the $5 million reinvestment into campus upgrades, and will receive mechanical and cosmetic improvements throughout the summer. The work on the residence hall is scheduled for completion on August 1 in preparation for the returning students.

Cline Hall
New air conditioning units being installed

"We are renovating Cline Hall as a continuing effort to enhance the Centenary student experience and prepare for the fall," said Chris Sampite, Director of Facilities. "All aspects of Cline are receiving some sort of upgrade, and it is our most extensive residence hall renovation yet."

After just two weeks of work, Cline now has a new drainage system in the courtyard, and it has been prepared to receive new stained concrete flooring. Furniture and landscaping will complete the new and improved courtyard.

The heating and cooling work continues in Cline after the residence hall received a high-efficiency boiler and energy management controls earlier in the year. Thermostats will be installed in each room, providing individual control for residents.

Planned improvements for the Cline Hall common areas and individual rooms include new flooring and paint. In addition to those upgrades, the bathrooms will also receive new lighting, mirror, and shower controls.

Centenary Renewal was launched in May 2011 to renovate the campus's physical infrastructure while improving the energy efficiency and sustainability features of campus life. To learn more about completed projects as well as those in the planning stages, visit www.centenary.edu/renewal.