(June 21, 2012)

College adds additional four-hour courses to curriculum

SHREVEPORT, LA — Returning Centenary students and freshmen will find that some courses now earn them one extra hour of credit toward their degree program this fall. The new four-hour courses are intended to use enhancements to deepen the student experience.

students working in lab

"This is very exciting to me because it really gets at what we teach in the education department—making learning meaningful for students," said Dr. Karen Soul, Associate Provost of the College. "Students will take fewer courses per semester and engage with the content in new and exciting ways."

The four-hour credits will translate into more course time in and out of the classroom for students. Courses involving mathematics that have embraced the switch to four hours will have labs in which students can receive instructor support while working on their assignments. Other courses will enable students to expand their understanding of content through living learning community activities, service learning, internships, and field experiences.

Though not all programs have moved to four-hour courses yet, students can find a variety of options among art, biophysics, economics, communication, computer science, English, math, philosophy, physics, religious studies, sociology, and theatre. These new courses join psychology, neuroscience, geology, and biology, which have all offered four-hour courses in previous years.

A full listing of the four-hour courses now available to students can be found in the 2012-13 course catalog, currently available online.