(August 22, 2012)

President's Convocation launches Centenary's Passport Points program

SHREVEPORT, LA — Incoming and returning students, faculty, and staff packed into Centenary's Brown Chapel yesterday to kick off the 2012-13 academic year during President's Convocation.

walking into Brown Chapel

"In your studies here, you will learn to be innately curious and to pursue truth no matter where it leads," said Centenary President David Rowe, speaking to the students. "You will be equipped to look at raw materials and circumstances that many people have looked at before you and put together solutions that are different than anyone else has ever contemplated...Centenary College is defining church-related liberal arts education for the twenty-first century not because we can—but because we must."

In welcoming the future graduates of the class of 2016, Dr. Rowe discussed the global challenges that the College uniquely addresses through its coursework, service opportunities, and intercultural experiences. In 2011, the Centenary faculty developed and approved an inquiry and action framework organized around three complex, 21st century global challenges: living a meaningful life, expanding circles of relationships, and living a sustainable life.

The Convocation also marked the first large-scale event at which students could earn Passport Points. With Passport Points, students can earn rewards simply by attending campus and cultural enrichment events then redeem their points to help cover the travel costs related to approved international educational travel opportunities. Through the new program, the College serves as a financial partner to students, enabling them to bring their passion and commitment to communities across the globe.


"I believe Passport Points is a fantastic addition to the opportunities a Centenary College education provides," said Charles Madden, Centenary student and president of the Centenary Activities Board. "With this program, all students are guaranteed support toward an international educational experience as long as they put forth effort. The program also supports the rich Centenary culture by encouraging students to attend events."

Centenary partnered with local technology firm Twin Engines Lab to establish the process through which students will report event attendance and track their Passport Points. Using technology developed by Twin Engines, students will either scan a QR code or send a text message to earn points. Twin Engines and Centenary are also partners in a scholarship program benefiting students majoring in computational mathematics or minoring in computer science. The Twin Engine Labs Innovation Scholarship provides a $2,000 scholarship to a full-time student each year.

In all, a total of 419 Centenary students scanned the QR code in the convocation program to earn passport points during the event, each earning 100 points of credit. More information can be found on the Passport Points webpage.