(October 3, 2012)

Pandora offers graphic design services

SHREVEPORT, LA — Centenary senior Charles Madden along with four other students has created Pandora Student Design, a group dedicated to taking care of student groups' graphic design needs. The Marketing & Communication Office facilitates the group's projects.

Pandora Design for Anti-Hazing Workshop
Pandora Design for Anti-Hazing Workshop

"I admire the Pandora Student Design group for their initiative," said Jeremy Johnson, Centenary's Associate Director for Digital Media. "Pandora Design students meet with clients, interpret their needs, and adhere to strict deadlines. By working in tandem with our office, these students are gaining practical real-world knowledge of graphic design not usually available to undergraduates."

When Madden was named Editor of Pandora, Centenary's literary and arts magazine, this past spring, he immediately sought out ways to better serve the students. After a meeting between Madden and Senior Director of Marketing & Communication Matt Bailey, Pandora Student Design was born.

"I see Pandora Student Design as a new way to reach the students," said Madden. "I believe it is important for the media to serve the needs of the people who are supporting it. Pandora Design reaches a broad audience, and it is quite exciting to see one of our creations up around campus."

The group has already created a number of designs including thank you cards for the Maroon Jackets, a promotional sign for passport points, and a poster for an upcoming hazing workshop.

Students can request Pandora Student Design's services online.