(January 24, 2013)

Centenary reports highest freshmen retention since 2008

SHREVEPORT, LA — Centenary College retained a higher percentage of freshmen from the fall to spring semester this academic year than any year since 2008. Proactive programming engaged students in ways that help them chart a clear pathway to success from semester to semester.

Centenary accolades badge

"Centenary is constantly striving to attract and retain students who are best suited to take advantage of the distinctive educational opportunities available to them here," said Monty Curtis, Vice President for Enrollment Services. "Beyond simply the ability to handle the challenging academic programs, we are also committed to identifying and enrolling those students who can contribute to the intellectual, social, residential, and spiritual life of the College."

This year's success was due in part to the Handle Your Business campaign and the Student Resource Center. The Office of Re-Enrollment heads Handle Your Business, rewarding students for registering early, finalizing financial arrangements, and meeting with their advisors every semester. The Student Resource Center focuses on students' academic needs, helping students improve their study skills and time management while providing tutoring in a number of subject areas.

"The College has been working hard to support students' progress toward earning a degree," said Nicole Deese, Director of Re-Enrollment. "I believe that as we start to encourage retention and academic success with efforts like Handle Your Business and the Student Resource Center we will continue to see the results in the number and quality of our graduates."

Centenary's focus on providing support to freshmen begins the summer before their first year. Special attention is paid to new students as they transition into an exciting new phase of their personal development. Students are welcomed to the campus during Springboard, where they meet with their advisor for the first time, discover extracurricular and leadership opportunities on campus, and meet their fellow classmates.

Another unique element of Centenary education introduced during Springboard comes from the Office of Professional Discernment. The Office of Professional Discernment helps students identify early their individual passions and abilities and how they can make a positive contribution to the greater good.

All Centenary freshmen are registered for First-Year Experience (FYE). FYE introduces students to the diverse modes of inquiry that characterize the liberal arts and lets them practice these new skills by engaging in a multidisciplinary research project.

As another proactive measure in retaining first-year students, Centenary recently welcomed Vjosa Alidema '06 as Re-Enrollment and Special Admission Counselor. Alidema facilitates first-year students' transition to campus and acts as a direct help line. She also works closely with transfer, re-admit, and international students.