(February 7, 2013)

Students find their passion in Discernment 101

SHREVEPORT, LA — Centenary students enrolled in Discernment 101 have started their journey toward defining their passions and building a plan to pursue them. Discernment 101 is an optional five-week workshop launched by the Office of Professional Discernment in fall 2012.

Discernment Picture

"This course really helped me to be able to think about my personality traits and what I like," said Mara Cumberland, a Centenary student who participated in the fall workshop. "I learned that I am a silent leader. Discernment 101 has helped me to find my passions and given me the confidence to pursue them."

Elizabeth Everett, Assistant Director of Professional Discernment, teaches the five one-hour workshops. Each session presents students with readings and questions that are based on a particular topic, ranging from career goals to personal values to childhood dreams. The course also uses The Dream Share Project, an inspirational documentary, as a tool to empower young people to chase their dreams.

"I believe that Discernment 101 helps students learn more about themselves, including their passions, motivations, interests, values, and strengths," said Everett. "Through this discernment process, students begin to see how all of these are connected and begin forming professional goals. Students learn how to take the next steps toward setting and reaching those goals."

Students interested in Discernment 101 or who have questions can contact email.

The Office of Professional Discernment intentionally engages students in the exploration of meaningful life-work. By guiding students in the integration of their strengths, passions, values, academic interests, and career goals students begin to discover how to live meaningfully as Centenary students and as future professionals.