(February 14, 2013)

22nd Student Research Forum call for submissions

SHREVEPORT, LA — The 22nd annual Centenary Student Research Forum will take place April 12 and 19. All Centenary students are invited to submit their original research for either oral or poster presentations.

"Our research forum is a unique opportunity for our students to present their research not only to the Centenary community but also to the broader community as a whole," said Dr. Scott Chirhart, Associate Professor of Biology and Director of the Forum. "Last year, we brought in valued members of the community to be a part of this experience. I believe this enhanced the experience for our students, as they were able to make a connection to the outside community and it allowed the community to get an opportunity to see all of the different research avenues that are being explored by our students."

student and research banner

Submissions can be made online through the Research Forum page. The deadline for submitting abstracts is March 22.

Judges will review the display, content, and oral presentation for students participating in the poster competition. Oral presenters will be judged in presentation, project content, and effectiveness of question-and-answer session. Poster and oral presentations can include traditional research as well as creative or performance-based art.

Students will be awarded cash prizes for the best presentations in three categories: Natural Science oral presentations, Social Science and Humanities oral presentations, and poster presentations.

A community tradition for over 20 years, the Centenary Student Research Forum is modeled upon long-standing academic traditions of conference-based information sharing and feedback.