(February 22, 2013)

Centenary celebrates 2013 Founders' Day, presents service awards

SHREVEPORT, LA — Centenary marked its 188th year with traditional years Thursday for Founders' Day events Morning Call and Convocation. During these gatherings, Centenary students, faculty, and staff reflect upon the history of the institution — and look forward to its future. At Morning Call, faculty and staff were recognized for their years of service:

Dr. Walter Kimbrough
Dr. Walter Kimbrough giving the convocation address

10 years

Dr. Kelly Weeks, Associate Professor of Business
Dr. Matt Weeks, Associate Professor of Psychology
Keeley Pratt, Financial Aid Assistant and Adjunct Lecturer in Dance
Renita Williams, Catering Supervisor
Henrrietta Russell, Lead Food Service Attendant

15 years

Dr. Ross Smith, Associate Professor of Music
Scott Merritt, Director of Information Technology
Dr. Loren Demerath, Associate Professor of Sociology

20 years

Dr. Dana Kress, Professor of French

25 years

Don Hooper, Professor of Theatre and Dance

30 years

Christy Wrenn

Dr. Scott Chirhart, Chair of the Biology Department, received the Charlton Lyons Summer Research Award. He is currently working on a project that encourages undergraduate participation and involves the genetic analysis of a population of relocated Timber rattlesnakes.

Senior Director of Philanthropy Fred Landry was named recipient of the President's Excellence Award. Quoting from Landry's nomination, Dr. Rowe noted:

"Fred leads by example, works hard, gets productive results, and is worthy of exactly this kind of recognition. The sustained levels of extraordinary annual fundraising accomplished under his leadership of the philanthropy department speak to his dedication and love of Centenary."

Centenary student votes elected Dr. Ed Leuck, Warters Chair of Biology, the 2013 Outstanding Teacher Award. One nomination read:

"It has been a joy to have Dr. Leuck as a teacher. He has contributed so much to Centenary over the 32 years he has been here, and he loves this place. He inspires me to do my best no matter what and always has high expectations for me. Great teacher, friend, and leader."

Dillard University President Dr. Walter Kimbrough closed out the festivities with convocation address in Brown Memorial Chapel. His talk, "Centenary and the scripture on a shirt," focused on the meaning behind Psalm 91.

"Founders' Day is a great day to remember what people have done to sustain this College," said Kimbrough. "There is strength in relationships."