(March 8, 2013)

Centenary holds first Student Philanthropy Day

SHREVEPORT, LA — Students wrote over 300 cards to donors during Centenary's first Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day, February 28. Student Philanthropy Day is a day where colleges and universities take the time to create awareness of the importance of philanthropy.

"Student Philanthropy Day provides an excellent chance for students to connect with donors to make them aware of how their generosity shapes leaders here on campus," said Krystle Beauchamp, Stewardship Officer. "We want students to take the initiative to be a philanthropist by actively giving their time, talents, and treasures to causes they are passionate about, such as the mission of Centenary College."

Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day emphasizes the need and impact of philanthropists on the sustainability of their institutions and allows students to take a moment and say 'thanks' to donors through letters. Students also recorded their own personal interpretations of what philanthropy means to them and how they are affected by the generosity of philanthropists.

"Centenary creates many amazing opportunities that for many of us wouldn't become a reality without the generosity of our donors," said senior Jordan Ring. "Student Philanthropy Day is one way for us to take a moment and thank those individuals who make those opportunities possible for us."

The generosity of all who love and support Centenary ensure that all students who qualify to attend Centenary are afforded the opportunity. Learn more about how to make a direct impact on the lives of students on Centenary's giving page.