Centenary celebrates Brain Awareness Week

SHREVEPORT, LA — Neuroscience students at Centenary are observing Brain Awareness Week by engaging in brain related educational activities throughout March and April. A global initiative, Brain Awareness Week's goal is to increase public awareness of brain research.

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Demonstrations at Sciport

On Friday, March 15, students in Introduction to Neuroscience presented interactive brain demonstrations to children from American Child Daycare at Sciport. Sophomore biology major Hinton Foster believes that this experience not only helped the children he taught but also enhanced his own understanding of the field.

"I found that explaining the brain functions to these young kids enriched my own understanding of neuroscience," said Foster. "Going through the process of explaining these concepts to others solidified my own knowledge of brain functionality."

In addition to teaching at Sciport, the students will also present demonstrations to first and third graders at Shreve Island Elementary. Dr. Greg Butcher, Associate Professor of Neuroscience, and Dr. Becki Murphy, Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology, will host a reception in the lobby of Centenary's Magale Library on April 2 to celebrate the opening of a display of biological art that was created by biology students.

"The great thing about the biological art created by our students is that it allowed them to see the interplay between science and art through a project that embodies the traditions of a liberal arts education," said Butcher.

Brain art displays from previous years are available online.